Gloriously curious..

Book: The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-time Author: Mark Haddon Genre: YA/Adult Fiction Publisher : Random House Price : Rs.275

Mark Haddon’s The curious incident of the dog in the night-time is curiously heart-warming and starkly realistic at the same time. With an unusual title like that,i really expected it to be more of a funny read ,but it most definitely is not funny in a slapstick kind of a way.There are oodles of dry wit, though.Curious Incident is the story of Christopher,a 15 year old who is afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome.Christopher’s an exceptionally gifted child when it comes to logic and maths,but lacks social skills.When the neighbor’s is found dead,he decides to investigate the death.

As Christopher investigates the dog’s death,he stumbles upon startling revelations and this takes in on a special journey of his life.As you read his take on Physics and stars and tens of other things that he thinks about,you can’t but help saying “Awww..”.He chronicles his investigations along with this thoughts in a book and is delightfully funny in places. Like the way he makes fun of authors who use too many similies and metaphors in their writing.The book also showcases the thoughts and anguishes that a boy with special needs has in a beautiful way.The writing is adorable with wonderful illustrations done by Mark Haddon himself.

This is a book that will come haunt you even after you are done with it.It is a book you would want your children to read. Sensitive and queerly amusing.It will make you do a rethink on the way you have perceived children with special needs.It will make you sit up and notice that they have thoughts and aspirations too like every one of us.It’s amazing how a book without a crazy ,intricate plot can still make good fiction.

Apparently,Mark Haddon drew upon his own experiences of working with such special children from his younger days in writing this book.The narrative flows well despite the choppiness of the content.Well,you will have to read the book to understand what that means.Though touted as a Young Adult book,i thought Curious incident is a very philosophical book that will appeal more to adults. Mark Haddon says that this is among his first books that was written specifically to cater to both adult and YA audiences.The book won the 2003 Whitbread book of the year and Commonwealth Prize for the best First book.Justifiably so.

A wonderful book that needs to be savored. 4/5 for the book from me.

I am thinking of doing reviews with more information on the authors and the thought process behind their writings rather than just talk about the plot.. Any takers for this ? or should i stick to just raving or ranting about the plot and the book.Do let me know what you want to read.. And don’t miss this book.It’s special.

Daddy Long legs- old pyjamas and maggie noodles !

I know.. i can hear collective groans .. another review !! I just had to share this !!

Book name: Daddy Long Legs
Author : Jean Webster
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
Publisher : Penguin classics
Price :Rs.199
My rating : 4/5

I finally ended up reading Daddy long legs approximately 16 years after I resolved to read that book.I was in school and there was a mad clamour for Jean Webster’s classic.The queue for borrowing the book was so long that I shelved the book in the recesses of my memory as “To read Someday”.Comfortably forgotten,the book languished in the recesses until oneday,on a whim I decided to pick it up.. and boy,was i in for a treat..

Daddy Long legs is a beautiful story about a delightfully spunky and full-of-life orphan Jerusha.Jerusha or Judy, as she likes to be called is surprised when she gets to know that a mystery benefactor wants to fund her college education.In return, the benefactor’s only request was that Jerusha had to write a letter a month detailing her progress.So ,the entire story is in the form of letters from Judy to the benefactor,who Judy calls “Daddy long Legs”( because he has very long legs and thet is the only information Judy has about him).

Judy romps through college and there is sunshine in every word she writes.She aspires to become a writer and works towards the goal.She meets new people, makes friends, goes on trips and starts liking a man,eventually.Of course,there is a happily-ever-after ending.The book is ideal for light reading,with a few philosophical undertones creeping in occasionally.Mostly, the book is about everyday observations and activities of a highly intelligent and impressionable mind.

Energy and wit bubbles in the writings like some effervescent liquid.The letters are peppered with cute drawings that amuse you to no end.Absolutely lovable stuff !! .. I only wish I had discovered the book way back..A true feel-good young adult fiction.A bit of Trivia about Jean Webster…that was her assumed name and she was related to Jules Verne from her mother’s side.

4 stars from me for this classic!! .. I cant wait to dig into “The enemy”,Jean webster’s other successful novel.