It’s a monday !

Last week ,i managed to read only one book-Monster by J.Kellerman.I managed to go to the local book fair and another store and picked up loads of books. I managed to get the first edition of the Lollipop shoes with Joanne’s autograph for a bargain and it’s not even a second hand copy(yay!!).It apparently sat in the shop’s storage facility for 2 years before they decided to give it away at a bargain. I guess the secret to shopping at second hand shops is knowing what you’re looking for and having oodles of patience.At least when it comes to book-shopping ,I have unspeakable amounts of patience stashed up inside me 🙂

I started reading this one yesterday and should be able to finish it soon. The book is exceptionally sad and about the abuse that the author,Dave Pelzer suffered at the hands of his mother.The book is very disturbing and my heart goes out to poor Dave.

I started reading Never let me go almost a week back, but had to put it away because I hought I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to appreciate the book.The book has received glowing reviews and has also been adapted into a movie.I’m looking forward to finishing this book as well.

Other books i shopped last week are -The secret life of bees, Running with scissors, The Mermaid chair(also by Sue Monk Kidd), Prison and Chocolate Cake by Nayantara Sehgal,Gone with the Wind, Northanger Abbey and a book on anecdotes about writers.I also bummed The train to Pakistan by Kushwant Singh from a friend.I also have to finish two library books – The secret Son and Breathing in colour .Gosh ,so much to read and so little time!.

Have a wonderful week !

Mailbox Monday (1) and What’s on my shelf

So,how have the first few days of the year been for all of you?.I’m having loads of fun and even surprised myself by posting a review already. This is my first post for Mailbox Monday,a gathering place for booklovers to share the books that came into their lives (:-)!!) last week. It is hosted by RoseCity Reader.

No books came in for review last week,neither did i buy anything for myself(Surprising!) .I picked up a few books from the library.My TBR for the weeks to follow:

I haven’t read Chocolat,only seen the movie,which i thought was awesome. I’ve been hearing rave reviews about Joanne’s writing and decided to pick this one up,even though it’s supposed to be the sequel. 100 pages into the book,I am loving it !

I read too much of fiction and not enough travel writing.I picked up In Xanadu in an attempt to read more out of my comfort zone.The hubby is a travel-writing enthusiast and often monopolizes the book till the due day stares upon our faces,so i am not sure if I’ll get time to read this book. I read Darymple’s Nine lives and loved it and am looking forward to reading more of his stuff.

Breathing in Colour was picked up on a whim- I loved the cover’s vibrancy. The blurb on the book’s sleeve also sounded interesting-it’s about a woman’s search for her missing daughter.

I also have a author requested review to finish(Review coming soon).What’s on your bookshelves?