Yeah…am back,dearies…What’s new?.Nothing.Same Same…Yadayadayada…But,a slight overhaul and an emergency CPR of this space is what the blog-docs have prescribed …how do they know?..one just has an inkling of such things,i think..Bedazzled’s somehow turned into a cold,impersonal and haunted space.. Hell,that’s not what it was when it started out.. So,i am going to remedy that…and i am guilty to not visiting your spaces,which I’ll hopefully remedy soon…Excuse please.. And while i am at it,I am going to bring out my chai mugs here. and have a blog-warming ceremony.. Oh,you are more than welcome to join me…Latte or cappuchino or chai,for you?.Sorry,i ran out of Rooafza.

Today,i sit on my balcony,with my eyes raised to the sky. Sparkly jewels twinkle back at me.The night’s not balmy,just uncomfortably stifling.And,the pesky mosquitoes..Let’s not even talk about that !.An army of ants march past me,in a bid to rush back home soon.

“Home? Where’s home?”.I ask them.

“Nowhere.And none of your business too…Why are you bothered now?.You’ve ignored me all along and today of all days you want to know where i live.”A tiny ant-baby squeals at me.

“Okay..Okay..No questions.Come by if you need a few grains of sugar or salt,maybe.It’s not like i plan on being sullen and stiff-upper lipped. ” I murmur guiltily.

The baby ant scurries along with a haughty frown.

Pain in the ass,i hear her say.

I draw my eyes to the stars again.

Is that the Orion? or the Hunter?

None of the above.Just a bunch of stars that want to be left alone.

Yeah,aren’t people a lot like stars?.With their cliques and posses.

I guess so.You see what you want to see.

What do you think?

oh,btw.. what have you guys been upto ??

sniffle.. achhooo!!!

what do u call a common cold of right hemisphere of the brain ??? well , i have had this ailment for a while and i am praying that it doesn’t end up becoming a full blown infection thingie..i haven’t written anything new in the last few months.. and am beginning to wonder whether i remember how to write at all !! words r clotting and refusing to flow out onto the screen ..but life’s been really good .. interesting times , must say !!! hee hee .. am i grinning ear to ear?? .. now, why would i want to do that without any reason .. ??try getting wet in a refreshing spay of rain and u’ll agree with me .. achooo!!!.. lemme get back to my inhaler now !!!