Oink,Oink ..Says the Piggy

Book name : Piggies On the railway
Author: Smita Jain
Publisher : Westland
Rating: 3/5

Piggies on a railway by Smita Jain is a a fine specimen of a wacky Chicklit.First in the franchise of Kasthuri Kumari mysteries, Piggies is a time pass book.Full paisa vasool.Kasthuri Kumari a.k.a Katie is a Private investigator who is asked to investigate a case of a missing starlet,Urvashi .Katie is gloriously politically incorrect about everything.She smokes like a chimney,drinks like a fish,sleeps with a minimum of 3 men in the book, rides a bike,has a fetish for Jimmy choos & designer wear ,swears like a pig and isn’t averse to the idea of a little self-appeasement with the shower head. With a protagonist like that, it isn’t surprising that the book is wacky and even weird at times.

As Katie unravels the mystery about Urvashi,she bumps into equally insane characters.More dead cadavers turn up and the finally after a colossal 400 pages,the mystery is resolved.I don’t think it makes any sense for me to get into the plot,so i’ll stick to my opinion about the book. I found it immensely enjoyable.I read from Westland’s site that the first print got sold in 3 weeks.I am not surprised.This book is a thorough entertainer.

The book is Sex in the City meets Charlie’s angels type stuff. This is a genre that has not been experimented by Indian authors and Smita has cleverly created Katie Kumar to fill this niche. The book is liberally sprinkled with references of sex and is humorous in places.In fact,Katie’s thinking is irreverent and wickedly funny at times.Though the book is a tad long,the plot never sags and there is enough happening at all times to keep you amused.My only qualm is that at times,Smita has tried to dumb down Katie,whereas at other places she has tried to paint the picture of a smart PI who doesn’t live by the rules of society.Only in the last few pages are we told why the book is named Piggies on a railway…Very esoteric reference,if you ask me.

Overall, it’s a fun read.Don’t expect Sherlock Holmes type investigation here.Katie Kumar is sure to become a huge hit among people who like chicklits and mysterys.Double bonanza for people like me who enjoy both genres.

Rating: 3 /5