Off with your head, Juliet..

Let me tell you a grisly story today. Not for the faint-heated , though ..

Once upon a time, not so long ago ,there lived a fair maiden , with pink cheeks, blue eyes,  long lovely lashes and golden sun-kissed hair. She was the apple of her  mother’s eye. But the mother was controlled by a tyrant , her second husband who was wealth and evil.He made sure that the damsel was protected from  the vulture-like eyes of young boys who prowled the area looking for pretty ladies to run away with. The damsel’s name was Juliet

Juliet spurned the love of hundreds of young men who wanted to have her any cost , as she believed in true love. And then walked in the dashing Romeo , with his I-don’t-care-if-you-don’t-look-at-me attitude, and Juliet had to fall for him. It was destined.

Their love blossomed , but was tinged with lingering sadness. Romeo was of a lower stature ,and  Juliet knew that her Step-father would never have allowed the match. The Step-father soon began to suspect that some illicit liaisons were being orchestrated behind his back. The evil step-father wanted Juliet , her riches,  her beauty  and her virginity all for himself. He shut Juliet in a window-less room and let her fester there.

“We are getting married as soon as I am done with disposing your mommy off. Till then , you may rot here !”

Juliet sobbed , her tears pooling in puddles on the floor.

Romeo was heart-broken that he couldn’t meet his love any longer. He sent a message through Juliet’s best-friend , who faithfully smuggled the love note into the Step-father’s carefully constructed cell.

“Let’s elope or die together trying to,”he had written.

Juliet wiped the tears of off her face, happy that her man felt the way she did.

 One foggy evening, the love-birds decided to elope. The best friend appealed to the remnants of humanity in the step-father asking him to let his daughter out for a few hours . The step-father agreed as he had seen Juliet wilting before his eyes, and he didn’t want a dead bride.


“Run , Juliet .. They are right  behind you,” cried Romeo.

Alas , she got pinned down to the ground , her arms flailing around like that of a mutilated hen.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the evil step-father had managed to get his evil hands on Romeo’s letter. His goondas dragged Romeo and tied him to the  town flagpost.

” You think Juliet is a virgin , you fool! Even if you have her , she is soiled. Used property. Of no value!” spat Romeo.

The crowd that had gathered around the town square was stunned at Romeo’s words.  Wasn’t theirs supposed to be true love. Juliet shuddered at her lover’s words and the step-father boiled over with anger.

“Soiled property- who wants that? Off your your head, Juliet. And make sure that you tonsure the haughty girl. No young girl should bewitch any more men in future. Let this be a lesson to all you whore women,” the step-father cried, “And off with this man’s eyes. Let him not foul any other girl with these eyes.”

Romeo stared in mute horror. He had lied  that Juliet was not a virgin ,as he had felt that the step-father would let them off if he realized that his prized goods were not that prized really. The crowd shuddered collectively. But nobody had the guts to speak a word against the step-father, who was also the mayor of the town.

“It is better to be tonsured and die a noble death than to be betrayed by one’s own true love. Take my head and all the hair on it!”

Romeo gasped.Juliet sighed. The crowd stood rooted. The evil father cheered.

The goons dragged Juliet towards the guillotine and shaved her hair off..

THWACK.. rolled the head .. off the platform , onto the ground.

“Hang the blind bastard too!” shouted the evil man.

The crowd dispersed  , going home to watch Saas-bahu serials. Who killed Julliet – the evil father , the conspicuously absent mother, Romeo or the town people ?

Here’s a picture of the love-birds united in death.

PS: Plot shamelessly copied from 3-4 stories. Now I know what the likes of Anu Malik feel like 😉 It is so easy to get “inspired”.Props courtesy : Beanie.