Doors .. Part 1

14.5 X10.5 Watercolor on Fabriano 300 gsm paper.

Reference photo -door 212 by aunt Owee,which is a creative commons image. Thanks,Owee. I’ve tweaked the photo a bit . I had loads of fun painting this one and am happy with the way it turned out,which is not often.My photo of the painting somehow doesn’t capture the vibrancy of the red colour ,so I guess I need to work on taking better photos.Till then,I have to make do with pics taken by others. I am looking for pictures of doors, bells,landscapes,flowers, people and windows(make than any interesting subject ;-)) to paint from. If you have a photo you can spare, I would love to paint from it. Of course,you will be credited for your photo..Thanks!. More doors to follow soon..