Lindy’s beautiful necklace and a whole bunch of rambling..

A few weeks back , one of the art blogs I follow, Serpent Mandalas had hosted a giveaway. Lindy, the artist who owns the blog creates beautiful mandalas and paintings , all striking and beautiful. I was surprised when I got to know that despite not winning the giveaway, Lindy was sending me a beautiful necklace with her art.. just because I took part in the giveaway! How sweet and generous is that ? Let me show you the goodies Lindy sent  my way… 

No, thanks, Lindy !

 Now for a close-up of the necklace..

How cute is this pendant? !
That’s the print on the necklace…

Lindy very sweetly let us choose the print we wanted, and I chose the one above(yeah , it has a baby and all.I am sentimental and mushy like that ;-)).

Gorgeous ,no? To drool over her wonderful prints, necklaces and paintings, do visit her Etsy shop.

Umm…I finally received my author copies of Seven Across..I had a few intense moments holding the copies. I didn’t leap around or jump in joy, like I thought I would, but just stared at the copies! Sometimes, when you’ve been waiting for something for a really long time, you just don’t feel anything but a burst of strong inexplicable emotion.. and nothing else.Its always been that way for me ! Yeah, the first baby is here 🙂

Edited to add: The book is now available on Flipkart and Indiaplaza. Indiaplaza is offering the book at a 35% discount off MRP! You can find the links on the sidebar..

Hot off the press..:-)

On another note, I am technically “at term” , meaning the baby can come anytime now (I haven’t  completed 40 weeks yet, which is full-term). Strange uncomfortable things have been happening to the body for the last 1 week, and needless to say I am on tenterhooks.The last month of pregnancy definitely kicks one’s ass, what with all the assorted pains and aches that it heralds. But hey,I am not complaining! I am more excited about the lil’ one’s arrival than worried about labour pains and other child-birth related things…The lady at the prenatal class I go to gave me this cute little ball (to use for stress-relief during labour) and a sweet card. 

What’s on the ball?..

Yeah.. it says BREATHE!
“Breathing right” is the key to managing labour well, according to a lot of people. Hopefully, I’ll use the techniques I learnt in the class, and not SCCCCRRREEEAMMMMM at  people around me when in pain. My biggest fear  is that I’ll make an undignified mess of myself by moaning and groaning way too much 😉
Anyway , have a super week ahead and if I disappear without a trace for a few weeks, you know the reason for that..
Bu-bye ! 

How you doin?

Hola, peeepals. New year parties all over ? Hangovers finally banished? Apppy New year to all..The chap and I had the most “happening” New Year celebrations in the history of our lives. We graduated to “that middle aged couple that hangs out at boring apartment parties where kids dance to Chammak Challo and Gasolina , with their parent’s chests bursting out with pride and screaming- that’s my kid on  the stage!”. Yeah, we cheered random kids that won painting competitions and suchlike and wondered aloud if this is what life reduces us all to…finally. Holly,molly.. before we know, we’ll be attending dance rehearsals and fraternizing with other middle aged people.And discussing schools and educational system in India and nappy rashes and nipple creams and pooping behavior of babies.Gosh! And how did we bring in the New year, you ask .. Well, we promptly fell asleep by 11:00pm , after deciding that a New year was no big deal.Comes every year, right? Gosh! again. Does this what impending parent-hood reduces people to ?
Anyway, the lil one’s been creating enough drama for the past 3-4 days, that one hasn’t really had the time to dwell on the implications of becoming “that embarrassing middle-aged couple” or blog hop (sooooryyy!).It looked like the baby was in a hurry to get out and join us for the Pongal and Republic day celebrations, until we coaxed it into remaining indoors for a few more months.Well, I am on medication to prevent pre-term labour and after a few days of insane contractions and cramping things are back to normal.Or so we hope. I am now on a “strict rest” regimen for the next one week, and needless to say its doing wonders to the already grouchy self. How much can one sleep in a day, I ask? So much to do before baby comes and I am forced to watch the speed of my walk! Bah! Maybe,its time i get back to the manuscript that has been languishing in my laptop for the last 2 years. I have managed to write a “colossal” 12,000 words in the last 2 years and have edited it almost 25 times.I realise that can’t claim a “writer’s block” ad-infinitum.Time to bid adieu to the lazy me and start writing again. I also realised that it is insane to keep waiting for my first two books to come out and then start writing.75,000 words to go..Here I come, biatch!

Along with all this drama, I got to learn that I might not be diabetic after all and that the glucose tolerance test results that implicated me as a shameful sugar-maniac was a sham all along. My doc is now urging me to eat like a normal person, because I have just gained a paltry 4 kilos in the last 8 months.So,I am hogging  full -throttle to make sure that the baby gets more fat and is not some skinny little thing like what the mom used to be once upon a time.The worst part of this development is that I am  now nauseated at the thought of sweets. After I had stuffed my face with some sweet mom had made I felt so sick that I swore that I would never eat  anything sweet ever in my life. Just a week ago I was craving Kesari and rava ladoo and donuts and pastries and whatnot.Now, all i want is my salads and healthy stuff. Crazy, I say!
Books-wise I am saddled with the most boring book in the history of mankind ( The nanny returns) and am wondering why some books become such big hits despite being so difficult to finish ,whereas other good ones sink into oblivion.I am officially off chick-lits as of now and can’t stand another book with a pink cover.I did finish reading a good book a few days back (Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert).The feminist in me had a field day reading this book on marriage.A full-fledged post coming up soon on my thoughts on the interesting things the book broaches.
Umm.. what else? Did i mention that I am totally in love with Dexter (from the sitcom and not the cartoon). I find the serial fascinating. A little too morbid to be watching at this juncture, but heck how can one not find a serial killer-blood splatter analyst fascinating ? And just like so many other things in my life, I discovered the sitcom so late (after 6 seasons getting over). I am done with two seasons and am hooked big time. Its a different matter that I felt horrendously embarassed when my mother walked in when Dexter’s victim was parading around naked (butt show and all).To my mother’s credit,she just said ” Oi, look at him all nanga-panga”.Needless to say I have never been this proud of my mother before. Sometimes, parents are forced to do grow up too 😉 What say?
Rambling over..Over and Out. Have a super week ahead, peepals 😉

Double century and a lot of rambling…

After three plus years of blogging , I’ve finally hit the 200th post ! Yayyyy! So much has happened to me  during these 200 posts , that I can’t even put these changes into words. For most part, this blog has chronicled my journey.It has metamorphosed from a larvae into a butterfly (ok, apologies for the sad analogy ). I am just happy that I am still blogging after three years.
I am officially under a house arrest (!!) for the next 4-5 hours because of a lunar eclipse  and  am looking forward to catching up with all your blogs. There is little scientific evidence suggesting that lunar eclipses are harmful for pregnant women and the unborn baby, but  for once I am ok with toeing the line and keeping my  mouth shut (just to keep the elders happy). My mom has been light-proofing my room and bathroom for the last half hour so that no stray beams manage to get in . Umm, well … 
Tomorrow we are officially shifting and while I am glad that we will be moving into a new space, I am also a little sad that we will be moving out of this one. I found myself a little overwhelmed when I locked up yesterday and am sure I’ll bawl my eyes out after the movers are done with their jig tomorrow. Anyway , to cheer myself up , I got myself some goodies….*winks*.
I am a huge shopaholic , but haven’t really indulged in any impulse shopping for myself in a while. Today, I visited the exhibition I mentioned a few days back on the blog, but because I didn’t carry my camera ,I couldn’t click pics and show them to you. It was ok-ok and had the usual suspects-jewellery, clothes, linen and assorted girly stuff. I was super excited about picking up some stuff from Matsya , as I’ve been drooling at their goodies posted on other blogs for a long time now, but didn’t pick anything up from their stall because I wasn’t keen on anything they were carrying. I picked up a finger ring and a  fridge magnet from  the other stalls.
I love finger rings (chunkier the better). Other jewelery I wear is extremely understated and miniature -sized compared to my finger rings. My other obsession(accessories-wise) is for bags.I ‘ve inherited this trait from my mom and aunt who are obsessive bag buyers.Strange how such traits can passed down from one generation to another..I’ve also inherited an unhealthy obsession for lotions , creams and anything that smells nice and fruity from my mom. My mom is a mind-bogglingly  resourceful and a street-smart person. She is super active and you ‘ll never catch her resting for even a single minute.Wish I had inherited those useful genes instead of these obsessive shopping genes that she has so generously passed on  to me ;-). Did I mention that I love buying incense sticks too? I have tried almost all the fragrances from Auroville and Maroma. My favourite is the blueberry cheesecake fragrance stick from Maroma.Yummy!
Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Without further ado, let me show you the beauties I bought.You’ll have to excuse my un-manicured hands (I am trying to stay away from any chemicals as much as possible).

The butterfly ring…
La..La..La….A close-up
Pretty, no? I also bought a fridge magnet,which I thought is uber cute.It’s from a company called Chennaigaga that makes Chennai souvenirs. A friend of mine is a huge fridge magnet collector and has about 70-odd magnets on her fridge.It is truly a sight to behold. Somehow,I picked up the habit of collecting magnets from her and have been collecting quirky/funky magnets for the last one year. I am nowhere near the 70- mark , but am sure someday will have a super collection that I’ll be proud of…
The magnet.. You likey? Cute, no?

Do you obsessively collect anything?Are you a Becky Bloomwood like me or you detest shopping like the chap?

Have a super weekend!

Mea Culpa..

A teensy-weensy post for a change. The book review will happen sometime next week.

Typical conversation between the hubby and I.

Me: G, What does Mea Culpa mean?

G: Let me see. Comeuppance.

Me: huh?

G : umm.. Comeuppance.

And I am off to find a dictionary.

Edit: Thanks Suko. Mea culpa and Comeuppance are not synonyms. As pointed out by her Mea Culpa means” My fault” and Comeuppance means “Punishment for sins”.Strangely, I rarely use google for finding meanings of words.I have a mammoth dictionary that I use once a week-I jot down the words I want to find the meanings of in a pocket book and as a weekly ritual I consult my dictionary,which is probably heavier than me 😉
Have a super weekend!

Puffy thingies.. I’m out to get you!

Image from :

Our bean bag sat deflated and flaccid like some limp, shapeless animal. We pitied the poor fellow ,but waited for him to wear himself out more and die a natural death.In the last 4 years,he’s faithfully supported many butts and has served us well.We felt bad that we had to let him go.Then,someone told us about refills available to revive dying bean bags and we were excited that our friend would be saved.

We had no idea how treacherous and painful the whole process would be .. It ranks among the top 3 most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life .You think I’m exaggerating?

In our state of unbridled wide-eyed fascination for the magic of “beans”,we inverted the humongous sack of beans into our limp friend.Coffee with Karan was on and we momentarily got carried away by some bitchy exchange on the screen, hoping that our friend would get plumper by the minute with the beans getting pumped into him.A few minutes later,we sensed something rubbery rolling around our feet.Hallucination?

No. Blasted beans all over the floor.Merry and Round. White monsters. Mocking us.

How the hell did they slip out,we asked ourselves.

KJO was the culprit,he made us lose focus,I said.

That’s bull. The opening was too small, the spouse opined.

It was then that I saw what had been staring us us all along. The opening was too small and this bean-diarrhea was bound to happen.

I am convinced now that the small slit is a private joke of the bean bag manufacturer. Constructed that way to test people’s patience. And let’s not even talk about how slimy these beans are..They get blown away,with the tiniest of movements by anything within a one mile radius around them(ok,slight exaggeration here.)

Result: We had fractals of bean design on the floor, that got changed every time we moved toward it.Our mosaic-ed white floors added to our misery,making giving the white monsters the camouflage they needed. It was then then that we realized that the cutesy-looking ,otund shape was just a ploy to fool us. The beans were mean patience-testing objects of torture.

Armed with our knowledge about beans,we decided to forgo the KJO episode and channeled our energies into picking the stray orphans off the floor.Half an hour passed and we were still on our knees fishing individual beans and transferring them into the bag.

“I never knew it was so difficult.” The spouse added deflatedly.

I didn’t have to say anything.

Three fourth of the sack still stared back us sarcastically as if it was saying “Hey losers,just 1/4th down.Education blunts common sense,you know.”

We flinched. We couldn’t let a bunch of freaking thermocol make us look stupid. We bought out a bunch of ammunition to counter our enemy.

An saucepan.

“Too wide.”


“Too small”

Funnel made out of paper

“Freaking slow”

Finally,settled for a small-necked utensil after rummaging through my kitchen.

An hour later,after several hundred beans “inadvertently” fell out off the utensil,the task was finally done.

We studied our handiwork with satisfaction. Our friend did look a little limp,but what the heck, he was the result of our hardwork. I don’t recall having toiled this much ever ..

A week has passed since the refill and every day I find a new bunch of runaway beans tucked in the most unexpected places. I found a few inside the washing machine yesterday!. The nerve of those idiots. So,in a way my house has become like some treasure island.

Next time around,we’ve decided to outsource the job to someone with a better hand-eye coordination or throw the damn bag away and get one with a bigger slit.

Oh,I hate the sight of those tiny,white monsters now.They taunt me in my dreams too. No,I’m not giving up till my house is exterminated of all traces of those irritating, puffy thingies.

It’s a war and may the best side win!

Yay!..A new month’s here..

Hope February’s started with a bang for all you guys.January just flew so fast!!.I know I’ve been AWOL for sometime now and have not been visiting blogs or post here .Bad case of blogging-boredom,I say. Add to that dollops of writer’s block and a dash of book-boredom, and you have the perfect recipe for an AWOL-act.The next few days I’ll be catching up with all the posts I’ve missed..

Patricia has a lovely blog called ColoursDekor ,where she blogs about design and the colorful side of life.She’s sweetly featured my living room wall in this month’s “Walls with Characters”segment.Do check the post out here.Thanks, Patricia!. Also BlogJunta’s picked my review of War on the margins in last week’s editor’s pick. Do head over here for discovering some really talented bloggers.

Tamil movie buffs who would like to read the hubby’s views on the movie Aadukalam, please head here. His new blog is called Clapboard and Arclights and is going to carry movie reviews and anything related to the world of movies.. Please do visit his space.

Have a fabulous week,everyone.

Masala mix again

I thought the blog needs a breather from the book reviews I’ve been posting.I still have another review to finish,but that will come sometime next week.This post is going to be another Masala mix..
My post on the oldest book on my bookshelf got picked by Blogjunta as editor’s pick of the week.Thanks a tonne,Blog Junta.This is my first award in the two years i have been blogging. Yaaayyy!!.You can read it here

These days i find myself in a painfully combative mood with some breed of people.Don’t you just get flummoxed when people who you haven’t been in touch for ages act all sweet and send you their wedding invites on email. They’ll even sign off as love and kisses and hugs,when you don’t really know them that well. You’ll do a double take on the mail that’s landed in your mailbox and feel an effusive cheer when you read how they so want you to be there at the wedding .They’ll even offer to make arrangements for your stay and travel. Well,you are strangely pleased that the person thought enough of you to send an invite and send them a mail stating your inability to attend ,but congratulate them nevertheless.

As a last ditch attempt at sounding civilized, you ask about the person they are about to get married to .A week passes,couple of months pass by(make that 5-6 months) and the person who sent you the invite goes incognito. Not even a “Thanx, its okay that you can’t make it.We’ll be fine without your blessings”.You know that the person is alive because you get random updates from that person’s FB profile .You also know that your mail reached them safe and sound.What you don’t understand is why should somebody go out of the way to offer arrangements for your travel,when they don’t even have the decency to acknowledge your wishes. The bane of a “Send to all in address book” feature,i say !.

I have signed up for three reading challenges for 2011. The South Asian Challenge at S Krishna’s books; Mystery and Suspense challenge at Book Chick City and East and South East Asian challenge at Violet’s blog. You can find all the links in the sidebar.Which one’s have you signed up for?. I also have taken up a personal challenge- to read at least one book every month from the BBC 100’s list.This month,I am going to be reading Wuthering Heights. Other books on my bookshelf are War on the Margins by Libby Cone , Joanne Harris’s The Lollipop shoes(sequel to Chocolat) and More than love letters by Rosie Thornton.I read too much of women’s fiction- need to branch out and read more diverse stuff. I am especially keen on reading more of classics. What’s your favorite genre? Do you like reading other genres as well?

Have a lovely week ahead (what’s left of it,that is):-)

The phantom eyes!

This is the story of a girl and a boy who live in some city in the Southern part of India.It’s a Saturday and the boy is home, enjoying himself by wallowing in laziness. The girl is lounging around the couch ,trying to finish an interesting book. She’s been reading it for a few hours and feels the strain in her eye and decides to leave them on the floor on top of a book.

“Do you want to eat out?”the boy’s voice interrupts the girl.

“Of course!”she yelps, happy at the prospect of not having to cook.

Scrunchhhhhh… A sudden noise assails the senses of the pair.

“Uh-oh..”The boy declares,picking up a pair of horribly twisted glasses.

The girl stares in mute horror.

“What angle do you think that twisted frame is at? 130 degrees?” the boy asks ,trying to smother his fear and utter feeling of dread with horrible humour.

The girl still stares at him. Her body temperature is increasing at a rapid pace and she realises that she was going to do her valcanoe-act anytime soon. But the lava still is bubbling inside-so the words remain stuck at the base of her throat. The boy misunderstands this for her attempt at forgiving him and blithely goes on.

“Umm.. 140 degrees,maybe. I think that’s called an obstuse angle.” The boy says cheerily.

Something inside the girl snaps.

“That’s my twisted spectacles you are talking about!.And you are worried about the angle of twisting?” She exclaims in horror.

The boy balks.But he is made of sterner stuff and decides to keep up his charade.

“When did you get so materialistic?”He asks instead and runs away before she can plummel him with her book.

The girl goes back to her couch,with a huge pout. She now suffers from a chronic case of phantom-spectaclitistis and reaches for her glasses,assuming that they are still there.But alas,they aren’t.The boy broke them,right?.The withdrawal symptoms are so severe that she sometimes mopes the air with her handkerchief because she thinks she is still wearing those glasses. A wave of panic grips her when she gropes in the general area of her eyes and realises that her companion is gone !.Apparently,the disease has no cure and can only be replaced by a shinier,branded frame,which she knows the boy will buy her soon for being so nice about everything.

Is this what people mean when they say “A sad story with a good moral”?.

PS: I know that you are wondering why there is a picture of phantom when the post has got nothing to do with him..Chumma,just like that !

Yeah,husbands are like that !!

When it rains,it pours..i was just referring to my verbal diarrhea these days.I realized a few days back that its been a while since i had a decent dig at the Hubby on the blog and promptly decided to remedy the situation..Hence this post.. what purpose do husbands serve, if they are not made fun of in their Wife’s blogs??..

Our man, now ,is a great shopper. He has a great Shopper’s acumen and knows exactly what the wife wants for birthdays,anniversarys and assorted other “wannabe” occasions like Valentines day,Wife’s day,Children’s day (!!)and so forth ..Now, what more can a woman want??..except that she would have preferred a perfume instead of a copy of “Terrorism in Srilanka and it’s sociological implications”!. Sociological implications -my left foot !!. How is that even remotely related to my birthday??.
Reminds me of times when i have recycled gifts (totally inappropriate ones like -wall clock for a 14 year old and jewel box to a guy !!) to unsuspecting souls just because someone else recycled it and dumped it on me .. Think of the life cycle of such recycled gifts .. fascinating ,i say !!. and yeah, i know what you are thinking .. i am shameless !!..I know a lot of you reading this post are shameless as well !!!own up,people!

Hubby is a sharp fellow otherwise.. He has some fancy degrees and all. He even claims to have a decent IQ(not that i verified it before deciding to tie the knot!) .. but when it comes to the gifting department he is like a toddler with a teething trouble .. umm,so the terrorism debacle was a few years back..Last year,he gets smart and buys me collected works of Roald Dahl ..I was impressed .. Now, i wouldn’t say that i am too much into the Roald Dahl genere of writing .. but, i was flattered that he bought me something which i would someday consider reading and the only purpose of that book would not be furthering hubby’s library collection.. So i sweetly tell him thanx and all .. and he tells me ” yeah,that’s ok.. i just wanted to buy that book for myself ,you see. One stone,2 birds”. Gosh, this man is unstoppable !!!

So, every time some occasion looms in the horizon, i tell him beforehand what i want , lest i end up with books on apartheid,sociological implications of organic farming and other “really important issues” that plague the world ,as he puts it. I am content reading about Becky’s adventures (should i say misadventures??)in Shopping and other mind numbing literature..In fact,we have agreed on separate libraries when we move into our house next year.. Can’t imagine what my copy of pride and predujice would feel sitting next to ” Banker to the poor” and books like that..What a sham(e)!!

Whenever hubby travels, he is often bombarded with requests for liquor from shameless people. Our home,on weekends is a glorified TASMAC for some really sad( read shameless) souls who think that it’s cool to discuss materialism & jaded lives with a glass of bootlegged liquor or sometimes, local toddy.We lead such sad lives !!!. yeah,judge us !.. So this time, i preempted all the other drunkards and told hubby to get us an Absolut and “something else that’s not a tequila”..Little did i realize that i had made the biggest mistake in my drinking history..So, I am all excited when he comes into town expecting some exotic drink which i haven’t tried before and he proudly tells me ” I bought that absolut you asked for and guess what else.. a bottle of tequila !!! .. Arent you proud of me ?? “. Oh, yeah, i am !!. You are priceless. We just happen to have 2 unfinished bottles of tequila which nobody even wants to touch… I am soo glad that this 3rd bottle of tequila is going to join those 2 other poor basta*$ and age away to glory.. We will probably have it for our 50th anniversary.. Then, he wouldn’t have to look for a book & can gift me this famed bottle of tequila !! smarrt booy!!! i knew i married right !!.. 2 birds,one stone, again !

Moral of the story- Never let the hubbies take any decision… they r not built to handle all that jazz!!..Thrust your decision on the man and don’t take no for an answer. Sulk and pout ,if you have to.. whatever works for you ,gurls!!.. and secondly, I have realized that fact that the attention span of a male(especially the married variety) is 2 seconds.. cram in all the information in those 2 seconds..It doesn’t really help if Katrina kaif is sashaying in the background,though!! .. Husbands,i say !!

How Random Do u want me to get ?

Yipee .. i got a new blog template… black and white, incidentally happen to be my fav colours !! The darn thing didn’t support all my old widgets and hence lost my jukebox. Also had to painstakingly construct my blog roll ..
Shayari tagged me a while back on 25 random things about me..Copy paste effort from FB..Here goes…

1. I hate creepy crawlies of any proportion and refuse to coexist with them.
2. I have started to enjoy cooking lately , thanx to Mallika badrinath.
3. I am idealistic beyond belief and think i take myself too seriously at times.
4. I dig humour in any form – on legs,in books .. everywhere..
5. I wish i had money to buy all the books in the world.As a corollary dream too much..
6. Insincerity and disrespect for other’s time puts me off
7. I love the smell of wet earth after a summery shower.
8. As much as i love sunny days, i love to read a book with a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day..
9. I am lazy and a routine-postponer
10 I love children and want to start a creche someday.
11.I love cinnamon in anything edible.
12.I think illayaraja is GOD and the only GOD there is
13.I get unconfortable talking about myself and prefer listening to people talk.
14.I love pretty things , blue things and pretty blue things like blue china, blue skies ..
15.I can spend hours looking at the waves splashing against the shore.
16.I love mom’s cooking and think she is the best cook, ever !!
17. I am very protective about people i love and will go to any lengths to see them happy.
18.I dont forgive or forget easily. I wish i could.
19.I love dancing and tend to forget everything else when i am dancing.
20.I love playing 1 hour trial arcade and marble popping games on the net.
21.I hate driving and get tempted to use unparlimentary language when people honk unnecessarily.I often give into temptation.
22.I am impulsive and always pick up chocolates and knick knacks at super market counter even if i dont need them..
23.I cry when i hear a sappy story. Time after time.
24. I am addicted to shopping.
25.Sometimes,i think i am still a 5 year old deep inside . And i mean that in a good way