Book 6 : Poorly Pingu and Pigu’s bouncy fun

Book name : Poorly Pingu and Pingu’s Bouncy Fun combo

synopsis : Pingu is making mother very cross by bouncing on everything in the igloo, including Pinga’s rabbit! Then father comes up with an idea!

Our views :

Oh what joy this little cracker of a character is! I have seen the series on TV many many years ago , and  have thoroughly enjoyed watching the antics of Pingu, the penguin. When I saw this book in the library I had to pick it up. This book is by far the most-loved book in our household. Even after returning the book back , Beanie demands that I read this book to her. Alas! the books are out-of-print in India. The first is the story of how Pingu bounces on every single object at home and creates mayhem. Daddy and little Pingu come up with a great idea to harness Pingu’s ‘bouncy- energy’! Any three-year old would love the idea of a penguin bouncing on every available surface ! But  I really wonder why I loved it so much 🙂

 In the second story, Pinga  the sister gets a fancy sticker from the nurse because she is sick, but Pingu wants one too. What will the little bugger do to get one for himself? This one was just pure awesome. I am rediscovering my childhood with the lovely books.  I would have totally done what Pingu did in Poorly Pingu when I was a child. Beanie loved poorly Pingu over Bouncy fun too, which struck me . At Beanie’s age , one doesn’t come up with ideas for faking illnesses ,but I guess kids these days are exposed to concepts that are more complex than I had to handle back when I was her age.On the one hand I am happy that she can comprehend things that are years ahead of her age, I am sad that she is growing up faster than I want her to! I am already pulling up her baby pictures and marveling at how ‘little’ she was a few years back. All signs of a nostalgia-stricken mother 😦 I am wondering what a wreck i’ll be when she gets married.

Anyway.. verdict

Beanie:  “Once more!”
Bedazzled : “I want that book in my collection!!!!!!!!!!”