Chai Pe Bulaiya : Poet Kuhoo gupta

      Today on Chai Pe Bulaiya we have a poet Kuhoo Gupta, who is the author of Zindagi Ke Martbaan se.
     Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se is a poetry collection written in conversational language – Hindi mixed with Urdu and English. The poems are inspired by a plethora of topics like love, nostalgia, remembrance, random human emotions, natural beauty and spirituality. It is something everybody will be able to relate to because it is inspired from the jar called LIFE that everyone goes through. It is something that will make you cry, smile or just appreciate in your leisure moments. Kuhoo is a singer, a song-writer and a poet. She was among the top  sixteen contestants in Zee Sa Re Ga Ma paa in 2003.  
    Interesting right?  I found her short poems lovely. My Hindi is pretty patchy , but Kuhoo’s metaphors and words are so lovely that I didn’t have much trouble understanding the thoughts that she has expressed so beautifully! Let’s get to know here more..

      Tell us a little bit about yourself. Also include some pet peeves, crazy/fun stuff about yourself ..
Born to my wonderful parents, my childhood could not have been better. Being good in studies pretty much ensured that I got a formal engineering education. Being good in bathroom singing encouraged me to get some formal education in Hindustani classical vocals as well. After getting M.Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Bombay and working in the IT corporate sector for 8 years, I realized I have enough poems in my rugged jholaa to get a book published!
      Tell us about your book
It is a poetry compilation in conversational language – Hindi mixed with Urdu and English – titled “Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se – Poetic Reflections From The Jar Of LIFE”. The poems are inspired by a plethora of topics like love, nostalgia, remembrance, random human emotions, natural beauty and spirituality. It is something that will make you cry, smile or just appreciate in your leisure moments.
3      What inspired you to become a poet?
      They say you need to let go things, you need to be aware of your surroundings, you should understand your inner feelings, essentially catharsis. And writing poems was & is cathartic for me.
I     Are your poems based on anyone in your real life?
All the poems in my book are somehow or the other based on my life experiences. Some experiences have been expressed as is, and in some of them, I have taken the creative liberty & poetic license to exaggerate & dramatize a bit. But nevertheless none of them sound unrealistic as such J

5.      Who are some of your favorite poets?
It’s the GULZAR!
6.     What are the best and the worst part about being an writer?
The best part is you are venting out your emotions on to the paper, not many in this world have this blessing. To articulate is a blessing indeed. The worst part is actually getting a book published. It is a laborious process, as we all know.
     Tell us about your writing / editing process. When do you normally write? Any lucky charms that you believe make you write better? 😉  
My writing process is very ad hoc. I do not have any designated time for writing. When some thought occurs to me that has a potential of expanding it to 3-4 words, I start jotting it down, and most of the times, it converts into a decent length poem. It could occur to me when I am walking, swimming, reading, driving, traveling etc. I jot it down in my mobile or on paper, whatever is near me. Naah, no lucky charms for writing better 😛

8.       How do you unwind after a rigorous writing session?
 Writing in itself is unwinding & satisfying for me. Rather it  is an activity that I fit into my otherwise rigorous schedule.
9.       How did you feel when you received the author’s copy to your first book?
 Oh, absolutely awesome & overwhelmed. I was actually choked with emotions. I kept on staring at the author copy & was literally jumping with joy!
      What pointers would you like to give to aspiring authors/ poets? How easy or difficult was getting published for you?
Mine is a self published book. I did not have to go behind traditional publishers to evaluate the manuscript & then wait for their responses. Though there was a good learning curve in self publishing as well. There are a lot of avenues for self publishing these days, you just have to keep your eyes open & research a bit. Apart from quality content, it is necessary to package the book in a handsome looking format, with an appealing cover, neat & clean interiors.

      What’s on the menu next?
I do not know really. There are a lot of ideas revolving in my head but I do not want the writing effort to be driven by the intention of publishing the next book. It might turn out artificial that way. But yes, now after knowing some insights of the publishing world, it is going to be an easier journey in future works. Lets see how it goes, time will tell what’s on the menu next.
Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing snippets of your life. Good luck with all your future endeavours.. 
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