Book 4 : Charlie and Lola series’s My Best Friend

What’s the book about : (thank you Goodreads)

Lola and Lotta are best, best, BESTEST friends who do completely everything together. They always pair up, they look after the tadpoles in the pond, and they especially always swap lunches. But when Evie, a new girl, joins the class, suddenly it’s Evie whom Lotta does everything with, even lunch swapping. Lola tells her brother Charlie that she has lost her best friend forever, but Charlie isn’t so sure.

The always lively Lola is front-and-center in the latest escapade of the duo made popular by their successful Playhouse Disney show. Charlie and Lola’s unique style will charm existing fans and attract new readers to this especially likable series. 

Our thoughts..
 I am not sure children can fully comprehend the dynamics of friendship at the age of three , but this book did seem like a wonderful way to introduce ‘the arrival of a new friend affecting your best friend’s behavior’. I think such existential agnst is part of a much older kid’s school life ( maybe a 6-7 year old?).  Beanie calls all her classmates / people whom she has had a five-minute conversation with / kids  that she has met randomly in some park her friends , and I don’t think she really understands what it means for a new girl to ensnare (!!) your best friend. This book , however does a good job of illustrating that scenario.
That said, she loved the book and I think the cute-as-a-button illustrations played an important part in her loving the book as much as she did. This was a borrowed book , so it had to make an untimely exit from our home, but we still read it two-three times before we returned the book out.  The illustrations are so darn cute that you want to scoop them off the page and gobble them all up!  This is by far the most fun layout I have come across in a picture book , with three panels in a single page. I am not sure whether this was done to reduce the number of pages or if this was imitating the TV show that is based on the book. The illustrations are imaginative( especially the bit where the kids Lola and Lotta are shown as fishes themselves when they peep into the fish pond to look at the tadpoles).  The sentences are short, clean and crisp , so an early reader can easily navigate through the story without too much confusion.  For kids that have not yet started reading , the illustrations will definitely be a hook. I am so in love with the main characters Lola , Lotta and Charlie that I am going to show Beanie some of the TV episodes. Next on the agenda is to find out if stuff  watched on TV have the same impact on her as the ones I read out to her. 
I am so glad I took up this challenge for myself. I am rediscovering the joys of being a child 🙂 
Overall , an awesome fun read with great illustrations 

OUr Verdict
Bedazzled : OMG, way too cute
Beanie : Amma, can we read this book again? 

Book 2 Bookathon ; My Mother’s Sari by Sandhya Rao and Nina Sabnani

So I thought I would regularly blog for the next fifty days , but couldn’t! When school’s out , it is practically impossible to find time to pen thoughts down. So I am going to try to be as regular as possible. We’ve read more than a book a day , but none of them stood out and spoke to us :). Which is why I have decided to only chronicle the books that we enjoyed, and not everything that we picked up.  
Today’s pick is a lovely book that is also one of my daughter’s favourite.

Book name : My mother’s Sari
Writer and Illustrator : Sandhya Rao and Nina Sabnani
Appropriate for age : 2+

What the book is about :

One long stretch of cloth is what Mother always wears–“elegant yet so graceful. The mystery of the sari can be magic for a child, winding and weaving, just like the connection between a child and its mother. The style, the motifs, the interplay of children, colors, and textures, create the rich, mood-filled, and dreamy world of
Our thoughts 
This is one of the earliest books that Beanie started liking. The book starts with pictures of a lil girl  telling us how a saree is wrapped.  The sentences are simple and short. Perfect for young readers starting out or also for read aloud with your babies. For the longest time , Beanie couldn’t relate to the fact that moms wore sarees and  thought that  the book was talking about her grand mom’s saree. Now, she is big enough to understand that mom could wear a saree if she wanted to 🙂 The story line is pretty simple- a child pictures a saree imaginatively as a lot of things – like a sling , slide, a river and many more.  The child in the illustrations is cute and looks impish , but I am not a great fan of the artwork as it seemed a little too amateurish for me. No complaints from Beanie.
The best part of the book for me was the different ways that a saree can be used.  Another important aspect is the ‘Indian-ness’ of the book. Tulika and Karadi are doing a fab job by coming up with books that are extremely Indian in their content.  It does help that it is a hard bound book , as toddlers have a way of putting a book through a lot of wear and tear 🙂  
Bedazzled : “Sweet lil’ book that reminded me of my mother’s saree :)” 
Beanie : “I want to wear a saree, ma!”