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Rating : ****/5

Disclaimer: this isn’t a proper review – it is a presentation of jumbled thoughts that I had about the book in no specific order (though I tried to organize it somewhat). It might resemble a badly organized bullet point presentation.

Overview: I’ve read “The Crossover Year” and enjoyed every bit of it.

The story is about the life of Sri Anu Prabha at that point in time when a girl heading towards discovering her life’s purpose.

The story narrated in first person, describes the events and dilemmas that one comes across in the course of their life.

It is authentic in the situations described, the dilemmas faced and the insights that one has in life, that it is relatable by any reader.

The pace though sedate is gripping enough to keep one absorbed throughout the book.

There are no exhilarating highs nor depressing lows in the book.

It is a humorous and a semi-light read.

It is difficult to assign a specific genre to it; it is much more than “chick-lit” and is not heavy on introspection to be classified as “contemporary literature” and certainly not “Romance”. It can perhaps be classified as a “coming of age” story.

The writing style and the language is, as usual, very good.
This is the 2nd book of Bhargavi’s that I’m reading and I can state authoritatively that it is miles better than the first book – Seven Across.

I’m putting down this book of Bhargavi’s as “Promising” and strongly recommend buying it – you won’t regret it.

Good luck with the launch Bhargavi.