Return of the old post- Part 2

Bride Hunting..

Statutory warning : Old post. Ignore if already read !!

Ever since my cousin (let’s call him A) attained “eligible bachelor” status , all conversations at family get-togethers dangerously veer towards what he should look for in his prospective bride. Just about everyone wants to contribute his 2 cents….Now don’t get me wrong. Marriage is definitely a family affair. All I am just objecting to is all and sundry thrusting their views on the poor soul trying to get married.

There is of course, the new pastime that my family members have taken to… logging onto and dissecting each girl’s profile to pieces.

First profile for the day..
A’s mother: “That girl looks too modern, she will not fit into our family”

A : “That’s ok, amma. Girls these days want to look good and there is nothing wrong in that. I like my wife to be well dressed and not have a heart attack when she sees other women in tank tops!!”

Booma aunty : “What a name .. Pinky?..We can’t let you get married to someone whose name is Pinky !!.

A : Whats in a name?.Would you guys have said ok if her name was Abhithakuchalambal?.She looks nice, though. ”

Ramu mama : “what hobbies?? philosophy, photography, skate boarding and debating …girl seems independant. You will be get into trouble.She seems High-maintainence.Let’s look at some other profile”

A : “Very interesting.. i think i like her”

Seetha chithi : “What interesting ??. You need a girl who knows how to cook and not how to debate.”

A’s Father: “Where did we go wrong in bringing you up? Such girls will make you cook and clean after marriage.”

Vinu Chittappa : “Did your chithi know Bertrand Russel when we got married. Aren’t we happy?”

A : “Yeah , but i like my wife to be able to make intelligent conversation.Is there anything wrong with that? I want us to be equal partners in marriage. If i have to cook and clean, i will”

Booma aunty: “How come you have never helped your mother cook in the 27 years of your existence and you now willing to do all that for someone you don’t even know?.”

And so we move on to the next profile..

Ravi periappa : “This girl looks nice. They also belong to Tanjavur.The girl’s father is also a general manager in sundaram Motors.

A : ” Huh .. She looks like a school teacher. Look at that crooked nose. Plus i am not marrying the Girl’s father. It doesn’t matter to me if he is a big shot.”

A’s father : ” Aiyoo… At this rate, i don’t think you will ever get married.. You should learn to compromise and not concentrate on external things like looks. Only character matters, Not looks”

What character does one get to know about from a 30 -word write up that in most probability is fake??

Infact, my profile was on the site a 3-4 years back for a brief period of time. I was that tall,beautiful, fair,god fearing,soft spoken,family girl who likes to cook and sing keerthanas and was willing to let career take a back seat…Wonder what people thought of my character..
Gosh , What was i thinking when I let my parents write up my profile ..

No , this is not the last post of this year will wish u guys in my next post 😉

So , how did u guys meet?

Ok folks ,the next few posts are going to be very old posts that got wiped off face of blogosphere when disaster struck thinks most people wouldn’t have read them.. If u have .. pls ignore and adjust.. and no ,i am not being lazy .. i just want my old posts back on my blog !! hee hee ..Here’s installment number one ..

“So tell me how did you guys meet…?”

That’s a question that I totally, totally love…Time to dip into all
those Mills&Boons I had been devouring up for years..Everyone expects
you to tell them exotic stories of mystery men, sophisticated life ,
not something droll and uninspiring which is most often the case.

These are some homespun tales of romance , which I’ve been practicing
on poor souls who’ve bothered to ask me the million dollar question
over the years…

“I picked up my husband at a bar. I am really coherent and interesting
when I am drunk you see”. I don’t think I can hold more than a peg of
alcohol, let alone have coherent conversation..I don’t even think I
can have a coherent conversation when I am not drunk..

“Oh, he beat up all the goondas that were following me and I fell for
his bravery”. How filmy ..My husband in reality is more Gandhian than
I would want to imagine.

Sometimes trying to be cool.. ” I met him at Goa at a beach party . We
were together for every single party that summer” Excuse me .. Beach
party.. My conscience must be dead.. Dead On Arrival, definitely!!

Sometimes cheesy …”We sat next to each other at our flight to
Paris.. We ended up together on the Eiffel tower”.. Ah, I am never
going to show you my passport.. And you will lap up all the dope on
Paris that I googled;-). God bless, google. What would I do without you??

“His car crashed into my mine and sent me a dozen roses everyday for
the next 1 year “. I don’t know how to drive a car, don’t have a car
and my husband’s given me a sum total of 11 flowers in the last 3
years, most of which was after we got married. No, I wasn’t counting..

“So, you want to know how we actually met?”

“I used to have a cat that fell into an open manhole. He rescued the
cat for me. How brave.That’s how we met …”

So, you wanted a story … and I gave you one 😉

How did we actually meet??

well, Let’s just say an angel dropped him unexpectedly mid flight and let me keep him.. ;-).. So how did u meet your better-half??