Salute !

My last post was almost 3 months back ,and i very pompously said that I was back after an alien abduction. And i didn’t even reply to your comments.. Yeah, snooty, i tell ya! Actual problem is laziness. My hyperactive lil’ one isn’t helping the cause either. At the end of a long day running behind her and trying to fit in work and assorted other priorities there is very little energy to want to have a conversation with another adult (let alone want to write!). If i take my eyes off her for a single minute, she’ll scamper up the sofa and dangle perilously over the edge doing a cliff-hanger enactment  or grab a fistful of rubbish and shove it into her mouth. I remember how i used to love eating plastic and chalk powder when i was a kid.My mom used to go bonkers telling me off , but i would never listen.Now, when i tell my lil’ girl to not pick stuff off the ground and put it into her mouth, she will smile sweetly and shove a handful into my mouth as well.

Its been almost 6 months since i saw a movie.Longer since I read a nice book. Umm.. well , I also  really need to get back to blogging because this was something I used to enjoy. So making a small , shaky boring start. Hope to get into the groove soon 🙂

 I truly salute mommies who work, blog and run behind their toddlers.. You guys rock!