Different planets,eh?

Me: “Don’t you dare wake her up! I have some work to finish before she gets up.” 
Chap: “But I need to talk to her before I go to office.” 
Me : “NO! Cooking is still not over. I still need to send a few mails. NO, please don’t wake her up!” 
Chap nods, but I know he is upto no good by the way he agrees tamely. A strange calmness envelops the house and I know that this is the calm before a storm.
A bawling sound is heard. I rush in to check on the offspring. 
Just in time to see the Chap trying to wake her up. My sleeping beauty hates being woken up and takes an hour to get into her elements. Till then she is cranky.  
Me : ” I told you NOT to wake her up! Now who’s going to take care of my work?”

Chap: ” Sorry , but I had to speak to her before I left.” 
And the chap was off.. Leaving me with an incredibly cranky baby. 
They say Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus. I say “Mommies are from Venus, Daddies are from Mars. Mommies want the babies asleep till they can get their work done, whereas the daddies want the babies to be up ,and sneak in some bonding before rushing  off to work.” 
Up until marriage I really didn’t find much of a difference between a guy and girl . They studied hard, we did that too. We dated , they did too. We drank like a fish, they did too. Ok, the curfews and ‘You are a girl , you can’t do what a guy does.” occasionally popped in , but never enough to make me feel any different from a guy.But increasingly I see the gender demarcations very clearly. In fact, marriage made me feel the difference intensely. It starts right from  ‘You are a girl, you belong in your in-law’s house.’  Which itself is such a faulty concept. How can you give away your girl to some family and consider your responsibilities over ? And why this partiality towards men?  Aren’t parents of girls ‘not parents enough ? Traditionally , men were the bread earners and this social arrangement made  sense. It just doesn’t sense now that women earn their own bread, and are financially independent enough to support their parents. I know of so many old aunties and uncles who refuse to go stay with their daughters and son-in-laws because they don’t think it is their home. ‘It would be a different thing if it was a son!’  And even now any man would hate to be called a ‘Ghar jamai’. But what about the sentiments of the girl living with her in-laws?  
 A more elaborate post in the offing , because this is something I feel very strongly about. 
What do you think?


North East West South

You wont believe it … There are 22 news based channels that Tata sky offers as a part of their basic package .. I wouldn’t want my affairs getting too current !.. Incidentally, all i get to watch when i go home is News..Dad ends up seeing the same news item at least 5-6 times a day .. and i keep wondering ..why is it that i don’t feel that itch to stay informed !! What’s with men and news?