2 nd shot ! .. 100 shots challenge

Pimienta Pancakes by O Henry

I am of the opinion that O Henry never fails to deliver.Every story written by him has a different appeal . Piementa Pancakes is no exception .I am sure it will make people chuckle. It’s a funny story of the reason for a guy’s aversion towards Pancakes..If I say anything more about this story,it would be akin to letting out the spoilers ..Highly recommended read !

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Useless beauty by Guy Maupassant

Another author I have read only as a part of school curriculum.I don’t remember being very taken in with his writing, but one cant expect much out of a 13 year old,can they?. This story by Maupassant is a slightly longish one and several times during the narrative,I felt myself slipping away and wondering whether this should qualify as a short fiction at all in the first place. Maybe,the meandering narrative was needed to make the plot more effective. It’s a story about how a Count loses sleep over speculation about a statement made by his lady.Several discourses on beauty and nature of human beings thrown in liberally.. I didn’t like it too much, but am sure this is not going to be my last Maupassant story for sure.

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Uncle Richard’s New year’s Dinner by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I selected this story because I had never read this author and I remembered seeing a review of another story in one of the blogs.Montgomery didn’t disappoint me!. I belong to a school of thought that believes that short stories need to have a twist to be effective or entertaining and hence have not been able to enjoy many gems that don’t have a twist. Uncle New year’s Dinner is a simple story that does not have any twists,but still manages to warm the heart and entertain.Another lovely Christmastime story.Do read this story !.

Catch this story at – Uncle Richard’s New year’s Dinner

Oh,the picture in this post is of one of my favorite authors !! any guesses??? 😉