NaNoWriMo and a rejection slip ..

November is National Novel Writing Month(NaNoWriMo)Participants who sign up for the write-a-thon need to finish writing a 50,000 word novel in the next 30 days. Daunting? Definitely yes, but 2000 words a day is actually doable if someone is really driven.In short that someone is not me.I am taking the easier way out and thinking of joining NaNoReaMo,which is Natalie’s Novel reading month.The goal is 3 books a week and 12 books for the month,which is equally mind boggling.I don’t think i have read more than 8 books in a single month.So maybe,i’ll just do BeUnSweEaMo-Bedazzled’s Unlimited Sweets Eating month. No quantitative goals here ..Eat all you can!:-)

Btw,any of you planning to sign up for NaNoWriMo or NaNoReaMo?

On another note, what you see below is the rejection slip from Essanay Film Manufacturing company which was in existence from 1907-1925.The company was famous for its Charlie Chaplin movies..Note point 17- “Robbery,Kidnapping,Murder,suicide,harrowing death-bed and all scenes of unpleasant nature should be eliminated.”Wonder how many rejection slips they had to send considering the fact that most milkable “negative” themes have been ruled out !

Oh,have a wonderful weekend!

The Malalankey poem

For some strange reason,I have been belting out this silly limerick for the last few days.Sample the piece that has been tormenting me ..

I Willilish I Walalash in a malalankey Lalaland
The lalaland whelalare I walalash Bololon
The malalankey Kililish melalee on malalay cheelilick
And salalaid goodlalabye for lololong…

What it really means is…

I wish i was in monkey land
The land where i was born
The monkey kissed me on my cheek
And said goodbye for long..

It definitely is one of the most perplexing ,silly little poems i have heard..Why would a monkey want to kiss you on your cheek and say goodbye?..Still i keep humming it.And the best part is that it makes me grin every time i say it out loud..its the simplest forms of time travel for me..Takes me back in time into my childhood when at school we used to sing the poem and giggle uncontrollably in physics classes..Do you have some silly little piece that amuses you and makes you want to chuckle like a carefree three-year-old?