The mystery cross-dressing gene

There is not a single shred of doubt in my mind. My family has some mystery kinky gene that causes cross- dressing. 
Shocked? Its actually not that bad .Let me clarify.
Our old family albums are full of cringe-worthy pictures of me dressed as Lord Krishna (in Dhothi and all) and of my brother dressed as a girl. And one would have to squint to recognise the boy hiding behind the lipstick, frock, bhindi, bangles and fountain pony tail. 
My parents wanted a daughter and a son and got one of each ‘variety’ .So why dress up their daughter like a boy and the son like a girl ?
Really beats me.. 
And its just not us, all my cousins have similar gender-confusion pictures in their respective family albums.
The second favorite pass-time in the family is, of course, photographing kids in their..erm.. birthday suits. How horribly embarrassing! As if they need to document the presence of the family jewels and tell the future brides that come into the family “See, all’s well !”;-) 
I hope fervently that the gene decided to miss me and I don’t toture other kids this way. Time will only tell..Sigh!
You have such embarrassing pics of yourself  in your family albums? Do share your horror stories…and make me feel better 🙂