100 shots of Short Challenge ..

I got to know about the 100 shots of shot challenge from Priya‘s blog and have decided to take it up.I am a huge fan of short stories,but haven’t been able to read many these days as novels take up too much of my reading bandwidth.

The Challenge is a simple one – no time limit, no specific titles, just the goal of reading 100 self-picked short stories as and when possible.

I kicked off the challenge with 3 distinctly different short stories..

SHOT 1: The Gift of Maggi by O henry

I was introduced to this lovely story and author by my english teacher in my 8th standard..I have read this story several times in the past and each time the story warms my heart. It’s a beautiful Christmas time story about gifting..Beautiful story,told in O Henry’s inimitable style.Do read it !!

Catch this story at – The gift of Magi

SHOT 2: A telephone call by Dorothy Parker

I had never read anything by Dorothy Parker and was curious about the story after i read the review on Priya‘s blog.I wouldn’t exactly call it a story ,but a short piece on the emotions a young lady goes through waiting for a phone call.I thought the story was very average and that the wafer thin plot was stretched beyond it’s permissible elasticity.However,certain parts of the “story” were relatable!.

Catch this story at- The telephone call

SHOT 3 : How the camel got his hump by Rudyard Kipling

I have never actually read anything by Kipling on my own.I have read a few stories when i was much younger(part of school curriculum) and havent been really hooked on his writing..I really wonder how i missed out on lovely stories this author has to offer.As is evident from the title,this is a story about how the camel got it’s hump.. It is soo adorable that you cant stop saying “Soo Cute !!”.The story ends with a wacky poem.I am sure to read more of Kipling in the coming days .. !!

Catch this story at – How the Camel got his hump

Next update in couple of days !!! .. Happy reading!!