Review of BPO Sutra by Sudhindra Mokhasi

A compendium of real life BPO stories compiled and edited by Sudhindra Mokhasi. 150 accounts that gives us insights into lives of people working in the industry touted as one of the Sunrise industries in India.Sudhindra himself has worked in various BPOs for almost a decade and some of the stories are drawn from his own experiences.

The stories are mostly one-two pagers and make for a light time pass read.No deep insights or wit here.The stories mostly revolve around abusive clients,dumb clients,the shady happenings in a call center,the affairs and sexual harassment cases,insensitive bosses and the works.Nothing jumps out at you out of the pages and sustains your attention for more than 20 minutes. To be very fair, i did like a few stories in there..There was story where a supervisor goes out of the way to help out an old lady who is unable to use her credit card.The old lady asks for the Supervisor’s address,to which the supervisor just gives here name of company and says that it was in India.A week later the supervisor is surprised to see a package for her in the mail.She opens the package to find a box of chocolates and a cute letter from the old lady.The old lady had taken the pains to figure out where the supervisor worked and had sent her the chocolates !.. sweet woman,no??

Several stories revolved around BPO drivers and adventures of Agents while onsite.There are lots of sleazy stories as well.For someone who isn’t accustomed to such stories,this book might have seemed new and different.I didn’t find anything new as the Hubby regales me with such tales almost everyday.Yeah,he works for a BPO.No,he doesnt take calls ;-)!.

BPO sutra also happens to be an online portal( are forums for people in the industry to interact with each other.There are also mentorship programs,job postings and gyan articles about how to get it on in the industry. The second volume is in the pipeline and the author is looking for more stories.Do check the site for details.

Overall,a lacklustre book.Good for reading in short bursts.Ideal for local travel!.

My rating : 2.5/5
Publisher: RUPA
Price: Rs. 95