Bookshelf’d part IV and meet Renita D’silva at work

I have always been fascinated by the places where writers toil and sweat a novel out. Initially when I started out reviewing books, I had no clue how difficult writing a novel was. I just assumed that when a writer sat at her desk and started writing , words  flowed seamlessly onto the page. Little did I realise then that every word that is there on a book has a reason for being there and the writer often polishes, and re-polishes her draft till it shines 🙂  

Author at Work Part I 

Let’s go find out where Renita D’Silva author of Monsoon Memories and The Forgotten Daughters writes her masterpieces (new segment on the blog called  Author at Work). And of course, we are going to ogle her book shelves  and listen to her bookish musings 🙂 I must say she has a bunch of books that I have caught my fancy.. ***Sighs!*** 🙂 Over to you, Renita..  

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Renita at her work-place 🙂
This is a picture of me at my ‘office’ which is just a corner of the sofa with my trusted Dell. I am lucky in that I can write anywhere and in any amount of noise, so the kids will be playing, my husband will be watching television and I will be writing, lost in a fictional world with my characters dictating their story and me their conduit. 

Some interesting titles here!

The old bookshelf we had in our room broke from the sheer weight of the books I had accumulated and refused to get rid of despite my poor husband’s pleadings, just before your request. The new bookshelf was arriving this weekend. It’s come and fixed and I have arranged my books- well, what few I managed to keep after hubby convinced me to give most away and move the rest which I couldn’t bear to part with to the loft- on the new bookshelf and now I can sleep properly again. ( The bookshelf is at the foot of my bed and I go to bed and wake up looking at my beloved books. When I did not have a bookcase, I missed this sorely.) I do borrow quite a few from the library as I read voraciously and cannot afford to buy all of them to feed my habit. One day perhaps. 

I once visited a house where an entire wall was given over to books. This is my dream: To live in a house with a room where every wall is a bookshelf. 

The picture titled ‘Writers and Artists’ has the Writers and Artists Handbook that I bought when I completed the first draft of Monsoon Memories. From it, I obtained information on how to write a query letter, how to send off a manuscript and also the list of agents and publishers to which I sent off my manuscript. Nestling between the Writers and Artists Handbook and Patrick Gale’s ‘Notes on an Exhibition’ are the anthologies and magazines where my short stories are published. 

 Nestling between ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Everyman’s Dictionary of Quotations and Proverbs’ are my books, Monsoon Memories and The Forgotten Daughter.

Pickwick Papers.. yay! 

Kate Atkinson and Alice Munro along with some interesting books

My collection of the Mslexia magazines for women writers that I subscribed to snuggle next to ‘How to Breathe Underwater’. It was through Mslexia that I found my wonderful publisher Bookouture- they had put an ad in the magazine asking for submissions.

Peekaboo.. The Forgotten Daughter 🙂 
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Bookshelf’d Part III: Peek into Falguni’s library

Falguni Kothari is the author of two books, It’s Your Move, Wordfreak and the recently released Bootie and the Beast. No more words.. Just pictures will do the talking 🙂  
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Bookshelf’d part 2 – Peek into Ridhi’s personal collection

Ridhi Malhotra blogs at and is a super sweet person. She is a book lover and has some reading quirks as well that are oh-so-endearing! The sweetest ones are that she picks up bookmarks of the same colour as the cover  of the book  and that she starts reading the last chapter of the book and progresses to the beginning. She jokingly says , ” What if I die in between , I should know how the book ends.” Delightful , right? Here’s a pic of Ridhi’s prized collection.

I spy  Jane D Suza’s The spy who lost her head which was a rip-roaring fun  read.

Do drop by her blog and read some of her lovely posts.

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Bookshelf’d Part 1 : A tour into Anuja’s book-space

The happiest thing for a book addict is to see a well-populated book shelf , bulging under the weight of crisp and shiny new books. Anuja’s book shelves made me salivate ,the minute I took one look at the photos she shared with me.  This is Part one of a series where I’ll take you into personal  libraries of fellow book lovers. Anuja is a medical student with a serious book addiction( her shelves are a testimonial to that) .She is a warm , sweet girl who blogs at  and doesn’t like pretentious literature( which is so rare in people who read as much as she does) . She once prepared a database of all the books with even the ISBNand says that her shelves look so neat because of her OCD ;0

She also takes some amazing photographs , so do drop by her page and spread some love. Would you like to show your shelves off ? Drop me a mail at and we can talk books, pet book peeves and such other bookish stuff 🙂  

Without much ado let me show you Anuja’s shelves..

Anuja is interested in Astrology and Astronomy.  
Sophie Kinsellas sitting smug along with Nora Roberts and Cecilia Aherns. Anuja says she started getting drawn to Ireland after she started reading the Irish Witch series by Nora R.  
Pot boilers rubbing shoulders with Mr Puzo’s and Ms Rand’s gems : now this is true socialism 🙂
Ah, bliss…  

Love how she’s arranged the books by authors..
Shameless plug-  my two babies sitting on top of the shelf 🙂 
Some authors I haven’t read – but everything looks so appetizing! 
    Yay! Wodehouse..
Eclectic reader!
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