Beanie’s birth story..

It’s a baby girl ! The chap and I welcomed our little girl on the 7th of this month. It was a normal delivery with an exceptionally short labour. Our lil beanie was born 4 days short of  40 weeks. I was having heavy braxton hicks contractions from week 37 , but there was no sign of any pains.I had just had a check-up on 6th and my obstrecian told me I would mostly deliver by 9th.On seventh morning , around 1:15 I woke up with mild discomfort and discharge. We thought it was some random discharge and decided to wait it out. Still no pains or contractions. Gradually more random discharge happened and around 1:30 it was clear that my water had indeed broken and that I was in labour. Still no pain or contractions. 
I reached the hospital and was strapped on to some monitors for a non-stress test. The labour ward , i must say is the most intimidating place i have ever encountered in my life! The woman on the bed next to me was groaning and screaming so much that I was actually psyched more out of her painful cries than my own impending condition. Still no pain, but painless contractions had started. And what started as a trickle became a gush by then. A duty doctor arrived and did an examination; I was already around  7cm dilated (but i didn’t know that then !). It was around 2:45 then. Around 3-ish heavy contractions started and i was in unspeakable pain. Initially the breathing techniques I learnt were serving me well, but after a point the pain was so unbearable that I had to find some other way of keeping myself occupied.I clutched a switch board and pulled on it whenever a fresh wave of contractions hit me. I hope that switch board didn’t fall off or something!
I have read so many birth stories where people knew how far apart their contractions were or what the time was , but in my case I was just oblivious to everything else as the pain was crippling. All i knew was that there was no respite and the contactions were coming barely thirty or so seconds apart.Also I had started feeling an intense urge to push. Till then i had no clue I was so far along in my labour. I just kept wondering why my contractions were coming so soon. Infact, I had just asked a nurse how far along I was  and she had told me, “You have a long way to go .People who came in yesterday are still in here.”
 Around 4:30 my doctor arrived and examined me. She told me immediately that the baby was crowning and that within an hour she should be out. I was ecstatic when i heard that .They shifted me to another room and got me into the birthing position.What followed was the most difficult part of my labour experience. The pain was just not enough for me to push Beanie out.The doc then injected me with Oxytocin and soon the contactions were a lot stronger, but I still couldn’t find the energy to push. Everyone around me chorused “Push, push “(actually “mukku, mukku” meaning push in Iamil), and if i hadn’t been in pain i would have laughed at the situation.
An episotomy later, beanie came out at 5:41. I wasn’t even aware that I had delivered her and asked my doc if i needed to push more. The doc laughed and told me that I had already delivered a baby. As i was being sutured, a nurse bought beanie in and showed her to me. I had always wondered what this moment would be like  and was surprised that I was stunned beyond words. The moment was simply too overwhelming for me to feel anything. So  there goes beanie’s birth story. On the third day, beanie developed mild neo-natal jaundice and we had to stay over at the hospital for a few more days for her photo therapy. 
There’s lots more to tell , but beanie’s waking up now and I have to rush .. Will drop by your blog soon…