Chai Pe Bulaiya : Meet Poet Vandana Yadav

It’s amazing getting to know new writers and read their writing processes. Today’s guest is a  poet who has written a book of poems for little ones 🙂  Intriguing , right? Contemplating publishing through Amazon’s publishing option? Our guest throws some light on that.

Let’s meet poet Vandana Yadav, who has penned Jungle Hike!  in today’s Chai Pe Bulaiya..

Jungle Hike! is a book of rhymes and poems, written for children, possibly below 12. The poems are supplemented with tiny cartoons or sketches to facilitate understanding in the child.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Also include some pet peeves, crazy/fun stuff about yourself.
In 1991, at a small Air force station in Haryana, Ihappened to breathe my first and from then on, as we moved from one station to another, I grew not only in years, but also in number of friends, knowledge and life’s learnings. I guess I have been observant since forever and one of my English teachers (Mr. K. Sachindran) inspired me to maintain a daily journal through which I started dabbling into initial phases of writing and poetry. As timeflew, I started having these rare gusts of thoughts which flew unceasingly in my head and I started writing all of them down. From maintaining diaries for quotes, vocab, G.K. and poetry, I also wrote about my personal life and all of this together shaped me this way. The heavenly TOI (read Times of India) has been another love of my life! Writing is a catharsis for me when I’m low, an award for me when I achieve something and an affair for life! The day I stop thinking about writing more, might be the end of chapter for my life.
Tell us about your book/books
Jungle Hike! is a book of rhymes, mainly meant for children below 12 or rather 10. It’s my first book and since first attempts are bound to have mistakes, I didn’t choose my better ones to launch. Jungle Hike is a short collection of poems which can easily be transformed into jingles and sung to your little one while you cuddle him/her to bed. It sometimes feels funny to have come up with a book meant for children when I still don’t have mine 😛
Who are some of your favorite authors?

John Grisham, KhaledHosseini, Khushwant Singh and recently I read a book by Deborah Rodriguez (A coffee shop in Kabul); she is one helluvaperson! I like realistic authors, the ones who never fear and speak their mind and don’t just cater to the youth with their silly stories of college romance.Amrinder Bajaj is another author I can vouch for!

What are the best and the worst parts about being an author?

Best- you live many lives and parts J
Worst- you sometimes get misjudged for what you write Lalso there are sometimes, lonely pangs of aloofness!

Tell us about your writing / editing process. When do you normally write? Any lucky charms that you believe make you write better? 😉 

 No lucky charms, only lucky seconds! Those lucky seconds when I tremendously urge to pen down what my mind is struggling to figure out or contain. You’ll be surprised but I have written poems even while sitting in exam halls! I’m pretty impulsive 😉 when I have that rush; I just need to write I all down.
The collection of poems Jungle Hike serves, were written when I was small and when I hadstarted taking tiny steps into this awesome world of poetry. Editing these poems now was not tough, I just had to think like a child, a small child free of all worldly sins; one who is carefree and gay and I was more than happy to oblige. Once done, I put it up for review and got thumbs up to publish (thanks to Amazon). At this juncture I want to say that people think self-publishing is easy but it’s not, it does involve reviewing and planning but it is an excellent platform for aspiring authors/poets.

How do you unwind after a rigorous writing session?

I never get stressed in the first place! Since I have not tried a full-fledged novel till now (though I have a story and theme) I haven’t yet forayed into that lane. Poems never stress you, they have a flow; theycome, theygo and when theygo, theyleavebehind a beautiful piece of literature.

 How did you feel when you received the author’s copy to your first book?

Amazing! No words can project what I had in mind when I first saw the book– my own book! The moment you see your name put up on various sites and get reviewed for what you love most; you grow and you prosper, not necessarily monetarily, but it’s a growth of self, the sense of having achieved something higher than the material gains of life. It instills confidence in you. I’m sure you understand that feeling J

What pointers would you like to give to aspiring authors? How easy or difficult was getting published for you?

Hmm, well frankly my book is a result of self-publishing avenue provided by Amazonand hence I found it very friendly and convenient to get on-board but the difficult part is pricing! While Amazon has extensive marketing and distributing channels (amazing ones!), it still needs to figure out how it’d cater to its consumers in India. My Indian friends are finding the book costly as it is equivalent to the U.S. MRP. So you see, I’m entangled and trying to figure out the middle way right now! :/

 What’s on the menu next?

I am ready with three more titles (all of poetry though) but each of them has a different flavor. While one is a compilation of poems I wrote during various phases of my life and involve a straight reflection of my thoughts, other is a compilation of random ones, with no particular theme in common but each of them is a fresh, adorable piece. JThe third one is in Hindi and very relatable, I’m sure! I have something for lovers too. 

Thank you so much for dropping by. Wishing you loads of luck for your future endeavours 🙂 

Links to purchase Jungle Hike!

Connect with Vandana 


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