Bookshelf’d Part 1 : A tour into Anuja’s book-space

The happiest thing for a book addict is to see a well-populated book shelf , bulging under the weight of crisp and shiny new books. Anuja’s book shelves made me salivate ,the minute I took one look at the photos she shared with me.  This is Part one of a series where I’ll take you into personal  libraries of fellow book lovers. Anuja is a medical student with a serious book addiction( her shelves are a testimonial to that) .She is a warm , sweet girl who blogs at  and doesn’t like pretentious literature( which is so rare in people who read as much as she does) . She once prepared a database of all the books with even the ISBNand says that her shelves look so neat because of her OCD ;0

She also takes some amazing photographs , so do drop by her page and spread some love. Would you like to show your shelves off ? Drop me a mail at and we can talk books, pet book peeves and such other bookish stuff 🙂  

Without much ado let me show you Anuja’s shelves..

Anuja is interested in Astrology and Astronomy.  
Sophie Kinsellas sitting smug along with Nora Roberts and Cecilia Aherns. Anuja says she started getting drawn to Ireland after she started reading the Irish Witch series by Nora R.  
Pot boilers rubbing shoulders with Mr Puzo’s and Ms Rand’s gems : now this is true socialism 🙂
Ah, bliss…  

Love how she’s arranged the books by authors..
Shameless plug-  my two babies sitting on top of the shelf 🙂 
Some authors I haven’t read – but everything looks so appetizing! 
    Yay! Wodehouse..
Eclectic reader!
Want me to feature your shelves next? Write in. Till then keep smiling 🙂 

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