First review for The crossover Year

The ‘firsts’ are always special.. And this review by Kirthi Jayakumar is super special because the lady in question is an awesome writer herself.. I’ve been so nervous the past few days about how the book will be perceived  and Kirthi’s review reinforced my desire to keep writing books without worrying about how well/badly they do..With every book , I’ve felt like I have carved out a portion of myself and put it out for the entire world’s scrutiny and that’s a scary thing for someone who treasures her personal space as much as I do. Anyway , no more rambling.. here’s what Kirthi had to say about the book

“When you start reading Bhargavi Balachandran’s Crossover Year, the first thing that strikes you is how effortlessly written it is. Right from the very proper language to the very charming and relatable narrative, Bhargavi has you hooked by sheer talent and skill.
Chasing the life and times of Sri Anuprabha as she hits the big Three-O – something she is terrified of – the book has a very sweet way of mapping the desi girl’s mind. At 29, Anu, as she calls herself, is a banker. All she ever wants to do is to don yoga pants, and traipse about the world without abandon. But alas – with things going crazy at breakneck speed, poor Anu winds up being forced to watch Tamil sitcoms that provide for mindless non-entertainment.
Faced with the prospect of turning 30 (YIKES!) and the fact that she simply wants to strap up and get a life, she decides to arm herself with her very own five-point-plan of action. Save for Sheldon Cooper, as the world has come to know, very few people can live with a flowchart to guide their every last move. As the global financial meltdown decides to rear its mighty ugly head, Anu finds that her plans are best reserved for the dustbin. What awaits her is an unexpected series of intensely crazy moments. Journeying with Anu as she falls, picks herself up, sometimes dusts herself, sometimes doesn’t, always moving on – not without the effervescent charm that is so inherent in her.
A lovely coming-of-age storyline, Anu’s narrative is not just relatable, but also very endearing. After you devour the last page of the book, you don’t look at The Crossover Year as a book anymore. Anu acquires a very clear personification in your mind’s eye – Bhargavi’s writing is definitely clever enough to awake imagination even in the dullest of minds. You feel like you have had an exchange with a friend sitting beside you, rather than reading words scrawled on a page. Read The Crossover Year by all means – you don’t want to miss out on Anu’s quest for her mojo! “

Watch this space for more reviews and book updates .. Sorry , I am too excited to do a proper blog post on something other than the book now. The Crossover Year seems like my entire life now 🙂  For once it doesn’t feel unatural googling myself 😉

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