Of Gems , nail polishes , Inflation and random rambling

So I got my nails painted in a questionable shade of Rani Pink (umm.. I wanted fluorescent yellow, but settled for this slightly gaudy looking colour ..Which is the craziest colour I have ever tried) Considering the fact that I am not even a nail polish kind of a person. But Lately Kareena Kapoor has been tempting me with yellow and green and what-not-crazy-neon-colour painted finger tips from the pages of mags , that I had to try something different from the standard peach/pink/nude nail paints that I prefer. I remember 20 years back, Lakme was the only ‘big’ brand that was commonly available (read affordable). And colours like yellow or pink were considered silly.Only unbranded players made colours like these, and they were available for 5 bucks per bottle. Now  a teeny weeny bottle costs 200 bucks . Crazy how prices have gone up 40 times in the last 20 years. I now realise what my grandma feels when she says that she used to buy a full-fledged meal for one ana. Someday, I’ll probably look back on the days of 200-rupee nail polishes when my grand daughter tells me that a nail polish bottle costs 2000 bucks 😉 Or wait maybe more. I think we already have 2000-rupee nail polishes.    
So I painted my nails and showed them to the little girl , who is quite the fashionista. She loves dressing up , and am sure will soon want to dig into my meagre make-up dabba in a few years. Little girls are so much fun! When Beanie was a few months old , if we had to get her to stop bawling, we would just have to to open her cupboard and let her look at her clothes. The darling girl would stop instantly and gaze adoringly at her frocks . Even now if I take her to a shop, she’ll create a ruckus and demand that I buy her everything in sight. She’ll refuse to stop her tantrum till I buy her something. And ten minutes later, she’ll forget about it and demand that I get her something else. And this girl is all of 16 months. I wonder what she will be in her teens 🙂  
Anyway, back to the nail-paint story, the lil’ one looks at her  empty Gems dabba and at my fingers and shoves my finger (mainly a Rani Pink nail) into her mouth. Maybe she thought that it was a pink gems sitting on the edge of my finger! Then she looks at my feet ( painted in an even more questionable shade of purple ) and tries to pop my big toe into her mouth .. 
Now what a grotesque gem that would be ! 

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