Can’t believe this.. Analytics for this blog tells me that most people come into the blog searching for … wait for it… Bean bag patterns!Incidentally, the most popular (in terms of hits) post also happens to be a post I wrote about filling bean bags..The other thing that brings people into the blog is ‘How to bedazzle stuff?’. Seriously? Just get a glue-gun and stick away. Why do you need Google to tell you that? People Google strange things – I know a friend who types in ‘How will my day be today?’ into Google everyday. I can understand Google knowing something about how the weather will be today. But how can it know how someone’s day will be! beats me..
But why I am sounding so condescending of people who love Google to  bits and can’t live without it? I am one of them myself! The first thing I do when I am uncertain of something is Google. Everything from a pesky song that invades the memory to puking during pregnancy to baby milestones to Aishwarya Rai’s baby’s pics  to how to end a novel have been successfully Googled by yours truly. I think I have a chronic case of Googleitis. If Google stops existing tomorrow, I might have severe withdrawal symptoms and go into depression. No, I am serious!  

 I am telling you , one day this entire universe is going to be taken over by those enterprising people from the said company.  


6 thoughts on “Googleitis..

  1. @ Aloi .. Thanks for dropping by .. glad that the post made you smile 🙂

    @ Kanthu.. he he>. yeah, you bet

    @Smita.. Ah, college projects cut-paste from google and wiki.. what a fraud I used to be 🙂

    Aarohee.. welcome here..


  2. Ha ha the other day I was wondering (while obviously googling something) what was life without Google. We lived in ignorance. Now knowledge is available at one click, and therefore we tend to remember less.


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