Salute !

My last post was almost 3 months back ,and i very pompously said that I was back after an alien abduction. And i didn’t even reply to your comments.. Yeah, snooty, i tell ya! Actual problem is laziness. My hyperactive lil’ one isn’t helping the cause either. At the end of a long day running behind her and trying to fit in work and assorted other priorities there is very little energy to want to have a conversation with another adult (let alone want to write!). If i take my eyes off her for a single minute, she’ll scamper up the sofa and dangle perilously over the edge doing a cliff-hanger enactment  or grab a fistful of rubbish and shove it into her mouth. I remember how i used to love eating plastic and chalk powder when i was a kid.My mom used to go bonkers telling me off , but i would never listen.Now, when i tell my lil’ girl to not pick stuff off the ground and put it into her mouth, she will smile sweetly and shove a handful into my mouth as well.

Its been almost 6 months since i saw a movie.Longer since I read a nice book. Umm.. well , I also  really need to get back to blogging because this was something I used to enjoy. So making a small , shaky boring start. Hope to get into the groove soon 🙂

 I truly salute mommies who work, blog and run behind their toddlers.. You guys rock!       

4 thoughts on “Salute !

  1. Welcome to the group of mothers who harrased their parents as kids are now getting it back in this janam only 😀

    Good to see u and now try being regular 🙂


  2. Join the club.. you'll be fine.. the worst sleepless days have passed.. it will pick up pace from here.. and I guess it ends only after your girl will start to handle her own home work.. atleast the running behind, nagging part.. but enjoy it though.. these years pass with the blink of an eye..


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