Mommy Dairies

I’m back…For now 😉 . Oh, I haven’t spelled “Diaries” wrongly. Its just one of my bad bad puns. I feel like a walking-talking milk booth, and have a sneaking suspicion that I smell like the Aavin milk depot near my house. Guess that is one of the “perks” of motherhood 😉
The new blogger interface is terrible and irritating. How do I get back the old interface? Anyway , how have you guys been ? Yeah ,I know I haven’t been visiting blogs or replying to comments on my last post.I am sometimes hopeless like that. Pls excuse. My lil’ lady(and I) finally slept continuously for a colossal 4 1/2 hours yesterday without interruption…and I am thrilled! Sleepless nights are gradually going to be a thing of the past (hopefully!). She also tried to roll over yesterday .. so I am double thrilled! I wake up everyday in anticipation of some little milestone my beanie will conquer that day. Gosh! I am more dependent on her than she is of me 😉 
What have I been upto-other than  happily “liking” people’s photos on FB. Nothing much. Just learning to be a mommy.Which is so darn difficult! Beanie will be 8 weeks old in a few days and is keeping  us all on our toes. I won’t say that the last fifty-two days have been easy. There have been nights when I’ve barely slept for a few hours (and couple of 30 hour stretches when I couldn’t sleep for a single minute).This was especially so in the initial few weeks when Beanie didn’t know how to latch on and kept losing weight.The jaundice didn’t help either. I left the hospital a nervous wreck and had doubts about whether I would be able to feed my lil lady and be a good mother. I am going to blame it all on the baby blues !Things became better in a while…  
 A few weeks  back the chap told me that I appeared a lot more relaxed and at peace now  than I’ve ever been. Strangely it is true.I feel a lot calmer. I don’t think I have that constant nagging gnawing thought in my mind  that I have places to be, things to do before time runs out. Maybe motherhood is just natures way of saying, “There are more important people in  your life than YOURSELF”. Anyway,the Beanie smiles at people wearing glasses a lot. And everyone in the household has started wearing glasses just to catch the little munchkin smile. Have a look at what her playmate Yoohoo aka Chintu has resorted to doing just to get into her good books…

Wonder how many  glasses I need to buy to amuse the lil one :-0

Have a super week guys..

19 thoughts on “Mommy Dairies

  1. oh my 8 weeks gone .. time flies it was just yesterday we were congratulating you on the little ones birth..

    she smiles at glasses so I too have a good chance of being smiled at then .. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

    god bless the little one ..



  2. Wow! She's old enough to roll over already? WOW! Times flies!

    Husband used to call me an ATM(Any time Milk) Machine apparently!

    She likes people wearing glasses! So cute! When daughter was around 2 months, I went to India with my parents – and she fell in love with the fan. She used to look at the rotating fan, gurgle, giggle, have a conversation in baby language 🙂 And when we got back here, her confusion at not seeing her best friend was so apparent, that it was uncontrollably funny 🙂


  3. Spiffy…Awwww….** elephant hugs back**oh, do come !!! Beanie and I would love to meet you!

    Bikram.. yeah, time flies! Hi-fi to all people wearing glasses.. Smiles guaranteed to people wearing glasses.

    Smitha..Oh no.. she isn't old enough to flip.. but she insists on trying.. this one wants to leap before she learns to land ;-)haha.. anytime milk machine !! well thats what I am now ;-0.. Gurgling at the fan sounds so adorable ! A is fascinated with anything that moves too .. special mentions include curtains and the fan.I think its a common baby thingie..


  4. Milk machine..yes..I was one at one time..:-)
    Oh..looks like I need to buy myself some glasses..I like to be liked by babies :-)))
    welcome back! missed u around…do keep updating us about beanie's developments.


  5. Aww. Welcome back to your fans Beanie and oh yes say hello to Amma also. We are all delighted to hear of your wonderful antics. May you please smile at all of us who are not four-eyes. Otherwise I may have to bring my dark glasses and wear it. Since you are from Madras, better to expose you right away to the politicians who hide behind dark glasses. Lots of love and blessings, Little Beanie, and do say hello to Mum.

    Attai My3


  6. 8 weeks, she's growing up quickly. DD used to play Kaanum Adho at 3 months. She'd pick up her dress and cover her face and wait for us to say Adho to pull it back down. You should try that with Beanie too. Its tons of fun. Big hugs. Do you think she'll smile if I sent a picture of myself with glasses?


  7. And it only gets better from here. You'd never have believed that a waif of a being could take over your life so completely, and in such a wonderful way too. Enjoy motherhood.


  8. I hear u woman !!! I feel like aavin milk booth too !
    And I had latching problems in first week and still recovering from jaundice. I am not going to even talk about sleep.. I feel like a Zombie !!
    Good to hear things are getting better for u !


  9. Uma… oh do come and visit us when you are in chennai.. I'd love to finally meet R and enjoy his mazhalai pechu ! Missed your posts too.. I have bokmarked all your Srilanka posts..Reading anything even one page long is like making a five year plan now.. I'll drop by soon !

    My3 athai.. of course I'll smile at you too .. when are you coming to see me ? I've started smiling at people without four thirutu kannadi for you :-). Amma says hi.

    Meera.. awww .. that is so cute ! We tried kaanume with Beanie , but she doesnt respond to it yet. maybe we have to wait a few more months for at mailing the with-kannadi pic 🙂

    Lakshmi.. Finally problem sorted 🙂

    VJ.. ha ha! We should start a milk booth club and a zombie club.. am sure there will be many joinees.. How are you and the lil one doing ? Is the photo therapy over ? enjoying amma-appa's stay there?


  10. Wow! Loving the new mommy's rapid write up about the cuddly Beanie..I don't wear Specs..but I can buy one of these to see the smile on her face!
    It just felt like I read your intro mail about Beanie, and it's already 8 weeks! Enjoy the time and hugs and kisses to Beannie kutty!


  11. Looks like I am too late in commenting! So, happy to see an update about Beanie here..
    Joys of motherhood.. Will look forward to more stories from your end.



  12. Ah! u reminded me of the good old days. Even brat had a difficulty in latching, I watched a You tube video to learn feeding! Phew! what all motherhood makes you do!

    And trust me things will only get better now 🙂

    Enjoy the time!


  13. Vaish .. 🙂 How have you been ?

    Jyoti.. Thanks for dropping by.. More stories to come later..

    Uma .. It doesnt feel that difficult now.. yesterday was a 20-hour matrathon with her, but it wasnt that difficult.. guess the body gets used to the sleep deprivation soon

    Smita.. Hey, i watched youtube to learn latching too ! And my dad just walked in when I was watching this woman with humungous breasts teaching feeding techniques.. he reddened and walked off … hope he didnt think I was watching porn ! 😉


  14. Awww.. what a cute post 🙂 ..

    a cousin of mine who had a baby 3mths ago said she feels like connecting a hosepipe from Arokya milkvan to the bundle..teeheehee…

    am def coming this weekend sometime to see you guys!! [wasnt well last week, so dint want to end up spreading nasty germs]


  15. don't I remember feeling just the same. 🙂

    Y'day till 2 in the night I kept looking at Aarya's pic when he was born to till now and I must say I liked his 6 months to 1 yr phase the best till now.

    Do not worry abt the milestones, I used to and then I realized they are just things they have to do at there own pace… Mine was always behind on every milestone that was there.

    I hope you get some sleep 🙂


  16. Aww I so feel like going back to those days when Namnam was 8 weeks old! Beanie reminds me of my chotu-namnam 🙂

    Beanie is such a cutie..she likes people with glasses! And she is rolling over already! Gosh time, dont you fly so fast!

    Cuddles to Beanie and hugs to you, B 🙂


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