Coorg’s magic..

It is not often that one picks up a book that wreaks havoc with ones senses and leaves one nostalgic beyond words.These are the same books that evoke such a strong visual imagery, paint such beautiful pictures in your mind’s eye that you start digging into the recesses of your memory of your visit to that place. Sarita Mandana’s Tiger hills ,set in the stunning Coorg , took me back in time (a little over a year ago) when I discovered and fell in love with the place. Mandana’s words weaves magic that one can almost smell the heady aroma of wet febrile earth; feel the nippy, chill mountain air that raises goosebumps on one’s arm and literally feast upon the green canopy that covers the region. A few hundred pages into the book, I had to go look at the pictures we took from our trip to Coorg. Honestly, very few books have evoked such strong feelings in me for the places they are set in.

The book is just awesome (a five star after a long time 🙂 !) Anyway , the purpose of this post is not to rave about Mandana’s book, but to share with you some  snapshots of  Coorg that we took during our visit.This place is truly mother nature at her ravishing best..Our only regrets were that we couldn’t trek much , nor spend  time at the Nagharhole sanctuary. But then , I am sure we’ll go back there in a few years..:-)

Beautiful,eh? The water was so refreshing!

The famed Coorg Coffee beans
The paddy fields right opposite to our homestay.Lush, Lush ,Lush..

Beautiful flowers in bloom,right outside the house
The place was teeming with all kinds of insects and fauna.. 
 Mercara town(capital of  Coorg. Now called Madikeri)
The homestay is in the middle of a coffee estate.This house is more than 150  years old
Our geyser! This was how we got out hot water…

So have you been to Coorg? Ever felt connected to a place after visiting it just once ? Or have you read a book and started pining for the place it is set in?  

28 thoughts on “Coorg’s magic..

  1. Lovely photos ! Oh yes, many times at coorg(5 times. Can't forget one memorable incident( will make a post of it) and another of course was the trek up to Abbey falls was also memorable. I wonder how we managed with the leeches.

    Is the book good? found this in the lib. will pick it up.


  2. Wow! 5 times.. lucky you…Do post about the incident.. We couldn't do abbey falls and settled for some other falls(the one in the pic). The leeches are a whole other story! We had trouble too as we went right after the monsoons..

    Oh, do pick it up if you like historical fiction! its pure awesome!


  3. Ooh that snail is so pretty!

    I went to Coorg last year. Such a lovely place. Mad amounts of greenery!

    The homestay we were at was run by this tiny lady called Tiny (:D) who was constantly delighted that I liked her food. It was like staying with some newly adopted grandparents 🙂


  4. Logs were heated to supply water, huh? we used immersion heaters at our hostel..Thanks. I got tired of bedazzled and wanted to name it something else..the title is as random as i can get 🙂


  5. I know mad mad amounts of greenery!Tiny? lol! Its such fun staying at a homestay, na? We decided to never stay at hotels after the experience we had here.. the owners shared their Jack Daniels bottle with us one evening and it was super fun getting to know about the heritage of their house and their plantation.


  6. Heard of the book but have not read it. You know, the stuff they say about things in your backyard never being important :(. It is true. Coorg is my backyard, but I am sorry to say I have never been there. I did manage a day trip to Byalkuppe, the Tibetan temple. It is going up on my list :). Best wishes. Eat well and be happy


  7. My3..ha ha.. seriously, i am surprised you haven't been there considering how close it is to Mysore.. I haven't been to the Tibetian temple- heard its really awesome. Hope you are enjoying your time with the boys.


  8. First time in your blog and I'm captivated by this natural beauty of coorg. I have never been to coorg, and I regret so much after seeing these pictures. Loved the close up shot of coffee bean and the insect.


  9. Lovely!!Was this your babymoon??

    It is hardly a month since we got back from vacay and I want another one!

    Regarding pining for a place I read about,must have been 10-11 years old when I went through a phase of reading the Chalet school books set in the Tyrol mountains. I longed and still long to visit Austria.


  10. Pop.. nope,yaar. This was taken almost a year back. Thats the thing with vacays- you get back from one and want to go back on another one soon.. I remember feeling like this after reading Mallory towers- wanted to go live in a boarding school after reading the series..


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