Little miss writer, Valar..

Valar blogs ,she writes stories,likes cooking, has a keen interest in archeology and loves reading Secret Sevens and Famous Fives.. And she is all of eight years! Amazing right? She has been blogging(with the help of her doting parents) from 2009(wow!). GenX sure is talented! Without further ado, presenting to you a story written by this wunderkind..
  Fantastic Four:The Mystery of the Strange Lane and Lady
Story and  Illustrations (in MS paint) by Valar

      Chapter 1: Georgina is Mad
Georgina scowled. The rains raged on and on. “When will it stop?” asked Georgina, “its been awful not having a meeting for three days”.  Grumpily she switched on the t.v. Click click went the remote.
“Ah, at last, the weather forecast”. The rain will stop in ten days”.  “TEN DAYS” yelled Georgina, “I’ll be old by then”.
Suddenly, driiing-a-driiing went the telephone.  Georgina picked it up. It was Teressa. “Oh Hello George, meeting tomorrow, 4.30 to 6 o clock”. 
Now, the Georgnia who was scowling was jumping about yelling “Yay”.
Chapter 2: A Meeting
Georgina rushed to the little shed. “Password” came three voices from inside. 
“Storm” she said, and entered. She found that she was the last to come.
“So”, said Stacey, “what’s up?”. “We have to think of something”, said  Teressa, “or else we will go mad with boredom”.
“I have an idea” said Barbara, “how about we get out our autograph albums and get as many autographs as we can.  We have one week’s time.  Whoever gets the most autographs will win”.
“Superb idea” yelled everyone.


                                Chapter 3: Autograph Mystery
Monday and Tuesday passed. Teressa got twenty five autographs. Georgina got twenty four, Barbara, thirty and Stacey twenty. On the last day, Georgina was collecting more autographs when she saw a strange sight. She saw an older lady going to the bus stop. She wondered why. 
“It is very unusual for an old lady to come out in heavy rain to the bus stop.  Anyway buses are not running today.”. So Georgina shadowed the old lady.
The old lady went into a little lane and disappeared just when Georgina turned down the lane. There were no houses and all the shops were closed.  There was a big bronze tiger statue at the end of the lane.
“I only turned eight seconds after the old lady, no one can disappear that quickly” thought Georgina. Georgina pondered over it.
Georgina went out of the lane, still puzzled. One minute later, the old lady reappeared. Georgina approached the lady and asked for her autograph. She gave it – “Dorothy Jerkins”. Georgina ran back.  “What a tale to tell the others.
Looks like a job for the fantastic four”.

She called Teressa. “Hello. Tomorrow meeting, 4-5.30.  I got something exciting to tell you all”

Want to know what happened next? Head over to Valar’s blog  for the rest of this story (and for many more stories..)  Here’s wishing the little lady loads of luck and hope to read her books someday!

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