Yay! finally..

I grew up devouring Mills and Boons at such alarming rates that at one point my dad was concerned about my bankrupting him . I haven’t read an M& B in ages , but  still have fond memories of  curling up all night and tucking into stories of blue-eyed Timothy having a steamy escapades with blonde Lucy and such like. And now.. I have my own version of Timothy and Lucy (just that they aren’t blue-eyed or eat scones for  breakfast or are blonde)  going into print this weekend.My first novella will hopefully hit the bookstores by Valentine’s day!My publisher just sent me a snapshot of what the cover would look like  and I thought I’d share it with you guys. 

So yeah, “Seven across” is the name of the book .. and is a desi romance novella. Hell, ya..that’s my name on the cover ! I wrote this book when rejections were pouring in for my novel and a strange feeling of unrest gripped me through the one month I wrote this book in. A year later, this baby is ready to be born and I feel like a  new mother , all anxious and jittery.

The blurb behind the book reads.. 

Small town girl Ramya finds the big city fascinating, especially so her boss Abhay. A make-over cannot erase her essential persona, but the attractive Thomas does make her feel the first stirrings of a romance. Abhay and Thomas are good friends, yet the undercurrents are far from positive. The two share a tormented history and Ramya discovers there is more to both men than meets the eye. Thomas does make her heart beat faster and Abhay is not what he seems. Yet Ramya feels the pull of attraction to Abhay as well. 

Who is Mr. Right?

The book will be available on Flipkart and IndiPlaza online and at bookstores like Landmark, Higginbothams , Connexions etc. Indiplaza will probably run a Valentine’s day offer ,where you can order the book at a deep discount.You can find more info about the Red Romance imprint of Desi romances on the Publisher’s website (www.pageturnpublisher.com).
Please order the book,spread the word around on blogosphere… and save a starving(!), impoverished(!!) writer ;-). Oh, another thing.. I don’t have an FB page for the book yet and am using the much-neglected and bastardized personal account for all communication regarding the book. So if you are on FB, please add me on..Gosh! I am sounding more impoverished by the minute.

Edited: You’ll find the link to my FB page on the sidebar. I figured how to do this after my drama!As far as technology is concerned ,I am clueless and am starting to turn into my parents!

53 thoughts on “Yay! finally..

  1. Congratulationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssss..

    the cover of the book looks very impressive.. the couple look cute ..

    all the best and will forward this too.. do you mind if i put this link on my blog



  2. Hey its a gr8 feeling to conceive an idea… Jot it down as a book and finally publishing it… A blog post itself makes us feel so content. So… The pleasure of penning a book!!! Congrats yaar… Be ready for the stardom!!!


  3. Congrats… I am not much into fiction these days. Actually, I have never read even a single M&B! But looking at the theme of this book, I guess it could be useful for a lot of people like me! 🙂 Anyway, wishing you all the best for the success of this novel…


  4. wowow Bhargavi, congratulations…
    so, I know a person who's gonna be famous soon…:-)
    Loved the cover and the story seems intriguing enough..all the very best!


  5. Congrats Bhargavi.. came here through Bikram's blog. This is quite an achievement. Way to go, girl!! I will definitely buy the book.. M&B have been my favourite.. crazy faves. 🙂


  6. congrats my dear. This is one of the bestest news that i've heard in recent times. So happy for you 🙂 psst! Both the deliveries happening around same time? Btw, the cover looks so contemporary 🙂


  7. to shy to comment lolzzzzzz
    Awww ,,at last I gained some strength to say something..
    Congrats and its best thing that can happen …
    all the best !!
    thanks to bick our buddy for sharing this!


  8. aWWWWWWWWWWWesome bhargavi, congrats. Will be spreading the word.

    yes open a page exclusively for 'Seven across' and most of us will share your FB page, so that many can like it and the word will spread around.Too happpy for you and waiting to lay my hands on it soon.


  9. Thanks a bunch!Commission ellam illa, but i promise you this- when you write yours, I'll definitely help you beat this rejection conundrum (if not anything else !)Thanks !


  10. Loads and loads of congratulations. You are surely living my dream right now…..
    great going! and am so going to buy this book.

    plus, meera has committed you to a lot, so don't be surprised if i bug you to get my book published, once it's over and you are already on the bestseller list! 🙂


  11. OMG, the guy is so cute!!

    Having said that, congratulations:) Indeed a great achievement for having converted your dream into tangible form :)All the very, very best to you.

    As for M&B, we have a long history together, though I haven't read any Indian versions yet. SHould be interesting, to say the least:)


  12. Congratulations 🙂 Will surely check out your book. I'm sure it will be worth a read 🙂
    Most of us, bloggers, long to publish a book. And you did it.
    I hope someday I do too.
    Can you please let me know about any publishers? I mean only if you can.
    Once again, Congrats 🙂 Hope your book goes a long long way 🙂


  13. Congratulations Bhargavi! It's great and almost more than a dream to see your own book out to the people. It's like a conglomeration of distinct thoughts turning into a story for everyone to read!
    As a blogger myself I can imagine what it feels like. Sure read and my good wishes. 🙂


  14. First time on your blog! 🙂 Many many congratulations for the book! :):) I keep dreaming about writing a book and you actually did it! It's really awesome that you've come up with your own book. :)The cover looks cute. I'll surely buy whenever I find it on the racks 🙂

    Best wishes!


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