Thank you and more random things about me …

This post  has been in the offing for a while now..I should have done it sometime back, but being the routine procrastinator that I am (lazy,lazy me..) , I have been putting it off. A big thank you to  Meera , Deeps and Uma for being so sweet and giving me the Versatile blogger award. Thanks so much, ladies..  Lately, I’ve discovered so many wonderful new bloggers and want to pass this award to both veterans (who have already got this award many times, I am sure) and blogs I’ve started following recently ( some of them don’t even know that I exist!).

The rules of the award are as follows:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award (Thanks Deeps, Uma and Meera)
2. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of the same
3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself
4. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

 I’d like to pass this award to..

Jyoti – Her blog is the veritable amalgam of foodie and bookish posts. Everytime I visit her space, I am drooling uncontrollably !And I am not even talking about her awesome photographs here ..

Vidya – A mommy blogger who is very popular. Her posts about the “V” family antics are  totally “aww…” inducing.

HemaA book blogger whose blog is a haven for book-lovers like me. It does help that she reads a lot of chick-lits and her recos are awesome.

Asha A veteran blogger who writes meaningful, informative posts(a lot of them are about culture). So many of her posts have been chosen by blog adda.

Smita – One of my oldest readers! Smita’s blog needs no introduction and her popularity( 400+ followers) is a testament to that. Her book reviews and posts about her lil’ one are a delight to read. I wonder how she manages motherhood, juggles a day job , reads a tonne of books and manages to keep her blog updated..

Divya – A new mommy whose posts are delightful and spunky. Just hoping that she gets time to write more.

Divya – Her sense of humour rocks and how! Another extremely popular blogger who needs no introduction. Too bad I started reading her blog only  recently.

Violet – A book-blogger whose podacasts are super fun. A must visit for bibliophiles.

Disha – A new blogger who I started reading recently.Her posts are super fun!

popgoesthebiscuit – A blogger I recently discovered, whose posts I relate to immensely. Head over to her space and spread some TLC,guys.

Bikram – Who doesn’t know Bikram’s blog? He’s just everywhere..His blog posts and photographs are just awesome. A super- networker ,I wonder how he manages to churn out so many posts and visit our blogs so regularly.

Manasi – A best selling author and a mommy blogger whose posts I love reading.Wish she would write more!

Inba – She doesn’t know that I exist , but I’ve been a faithful reader for sometime now. Her posts are witty and full of humour. Another blogger who I wish would blog more.

Madhu – I head to Madhu’s blog when I need my daily fix of awesome photographs. A blog started I following recently.

Shalini – A blogger whose photographs and posts are warm and personal. Perfect accompaniment to a cup of chai.

Oh, I could go on and on.. and list out a zillion blogs I enjoy reading. I would have also loved to pass the award back to Uma, Deeps and Meera because these are bloggers I enjoy reading, but wonder if that is allowed 😉 

Now , the most difficult part of this award..7  random things about myself.

1. I am a huge foodie and love anything sweet.At buffets, I always start out with deserts and then make my way towards the main courses.Weird right?

2. I am too blunt for my own comfort. If i don’t like something, I won’t mince my words and be nice for the heck of it .This has often got me into loads of trouble and is something I really want to change about myself.

3. I love collecting books(and reading them). My dream home is one which has wall to floor shelves all filled with books and … more books. 

4. I love colours , but strangely Black and white are my favorites. I am a gemini and such contradictions pop up very frequently( baffling me routinely).

5. I abhor creepy crawlies of any proportion and refuse to co-exist with them. First on the hit list are lizards- eeeks! (ditto, Uma!)

6. I am a smell junkie and  fall in love with anything that has notes of vanilla in it easily. My perfumes, lotions, candles, room fresheners,pot-potpourri -everything  that has a smell  associated with it has vanilla in it.

7. I was a tomboy (and a  certified nerd) in school, but over the years have realized that I am more girly that I would want to admit.However, I still can’t hold a conversation about make-up techniques or accessories for more than 3 minutes.

Phew.. That was tough! Now a round of applause to everyone..

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20 thoughts on “Thank you and more random things about me …

  1. am first!

    I sooo loved the line “would have also loved to pass the award back to Uma, Deeps and Meera because these are bloggers I enjoy reading, but wonder if that is allowed ;-)”

    allowed or not..this line made my day!!!

    even I won't be able to hold insightful conversations regarding make-up. I do like to accessorize once a while but detest heavy ones.

    Enjoyed reading about the random you…:-)


  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 sorry sorry .. I should say congrats first to you for the award .. I got over excited on getting myself 🙂 he heh e

    thank you thank you ..

    Those are some lovely words you have said about me how i manage to do it well I work late nights 🙂 and the nweekend is off too so i manage ..

    4. my favourite is blue but i have seen i end up wearing black a lot ..

    2. I love that , blunt is always good me too i say what i see , put me in lot of trouble but then its better to be blunt then not..

    congrats and thanks for intorducing all these lovely bloggers



  3. thank you, thank you!! coming from you, it means a lot to me:) by virtue of getting mentioned in your blog, i'll consider myself popular :))

    lizards + cockroaches – eeeks!


  4. Thanks so much Bhargavi. I love how you described each blog and blogger. And I'm a Gemini too….and sometimes so very contradictory too 🙂

    I'm off on vacation tomorrow, so will get started on this once I'm back…all refreshed and rejuvenated.


  5. Uma.. yeah , you are! And I should be allowed to pass it back to anyone ,irrespective of whether that person tagged me or not, right? Thank you .. I am glad I did the tag.

    Bikram.. lol! You deserve it and now you have a new bunch of bloggers to discover !

    Vidya.. Areyy! blog has never been “popular”. I write when it catches my fancy and ignore it when i want to.. you ,on the other hand nourish it and are fairly regular.


    Shalini.. Have a super trip.. Ah, the Gemini-ness is like an albatross around the neck,eh?


  6. heyy..congrats and yippee an award!! (*I'm doing a jig right now*)Thanks a lot and also for being introduced to other gr8 blogs.

    Ditto on the makeup-accessories bit.And on your reading habit..please keep it up because I follow your book reviews!


  7. Okay, for some reason, my comments don't show up on your posts anymore. I had written such a nice note y'day. Well anyways, it said, that you deserve this award and all the recognition that will come your way, soon


  8. Awwwwwww…. Thank you Bhargavi for such sweet words, will take up the tag shortly.
    Same pinch on your second random point. but yes I've changed now, bcos my bluntness landed my loved ones (especially my children) in trouble many a times.

    Ditto on aroma therapy, books and food.


  9. Thank you so much Bhargavi, you made me happy 🙂

    My husband is too blunt for his own good too. But I definitely prefer that than people who are sweet at all times.


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