Lighthouse blues – Acrylic with Palette knife

12X16 Acrylic on canvas board.Abstract done with Palette knife. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Acrylic is great for Impasto technique. For someone who is allergic to turpentine and can’t use oil paints,Acrylic is such a boon.No stink and enormously forgiving.Wonder what the great masters would have created if someone had discovered Acrylics before the 20th century.The chunkiness in texture leaves you with a kind of joy that can’t really be explained. Only problem I had was getting detail work done with the knife. Especially the lighthouse and the clouds were a challenge. But then, I am learning and there’s nothing practice can’t sort out.

10 thoughts on “Lighthouse blues – Acrylic with Palette knife

  1. Suko..Thanks..Long way to go,but i kinda liked this one too..

    Jyoti.. Hey ,you could go to youtube and check out free painting lessons posted there.For watercolours ,see videos of Anita Janson.Rest I cant recall now,but it's all in there.

    Bikram.. I'm sure London has quite a few scenic places you can “escape” to.


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