Dream zone..

I have always felt that the twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness is often ephemeral and sometimes unsettling. Strange graphically ,weird dreams and snippets of distorted reality have been a mainstay of my REM cycle as much as happy,cheery dreams about unrelated things have for as long as I remember. Sometimes, I’ve wondered if it’s just a safe way of my brain to “let off some steam” and take me off on some wild-goose flight of fantasy or whether these are more significant and hold a key to a part of myself that I am not privy to in my wakeful consciousness.Something like a Jeckyl and Mr Hyde situation.The second thought,to me is more disturbing than the first.Wistful buffoonery by a bunch of my neurons, I can tolerate. Dark, distorted frames of reality constructed carefully or thrown haphazardly to leave a strangely “real “encounter is something I somehow can’t stomach. Not that we all have a choice ;-).The brain creates a rhapsody that we have very less control over.

I’ve waded fitfully through Freud’s humongous tome , Interpretation of dreams in search of answers ,but have been unsuccessful in getting past 30-40 pages.Not that I am a huge fan of Freud or anything . So, this subject continues to fascinate me. Any recommendations for books that deal with dreams is welcome. Recently, something happened, after which I am more or less convinced that our dreams draw heavily from our memories,repressed or otherwise and have made me wonder about potency of dreams in keeping us sane . I had conversation with someone and promptly forgot what I spoke about in less than a day .When the hubby wanted to know what I was chuckling so much about,I drew a blank. Not a single word came to my rescue. Much mulling over didn’t result in anything tangible. And then,it came back to me randomly right after some mish-mash of a dream ,lucid and clear like a plastic duck sailing through a ripple-less zen pond. Needless to say,I had an“Eureka” moment right at 1:30AM,with dogs howling in the background cheering me on my discovery.

The brain and the human body amazes me to no end. It is such a wonderful “contraption” and is like having a 70mm reel running 24X7 in our head. The bakwaas and entertainment never stops. No wonder it needs such flights of imagination to stay grounded.What do you think about dreams?.Do you think about them at all?.

Image : I downloaded the angel wings from some site long time back and forgot to save the link,so am not able to give credit to the person who created the angel image.The background was put in by me in PS. If you recognise you image I’ve used here , do drop me a line and I’ll credit you in this post.

9 thoughts on “Dream zone..

  1. Loved the way you put it! Not sure about Freud's theories and interpretations of dreams. But they certainly hint at thoughts lying dormant within us in a clear & sometimes fuzzy way.

    Nature's way of foretelling the future. Hope you have watched Inception 🙂


  2. A.Thanks

    Suko.. yeah,it would be.thanks for the idea!

    Shayari..Nice to see you active around in blogland,dear.I want to read freud's book just to see what that man has come up that doesnt sound warped . I am yet to watch inception.Great movie ,I've heard.


  3. 30-40 pages of Freud is a huge achievement! I couldn't cross 5!

    I often dream that world's gonna end and only a human sacrifice can save it… I see offering myself to be chopped into pieces… 😀 I do not ever wish to know whatever that means…

    I also dream of traveling in a bus to office. i forget to take my bag and instead have my dad's! conductor asks for Rs. 60 bus fare… I pay him 80… no balance… that's it…

    Really strange … these dreams!

    oh yeah… I day-dream too… I am a 24X7 dreamer… and proud of it! 🙂


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