This post is going to be chock-a-bloc full of pictures- pictures of doors that caught my fancy in Pondicherry . I have always had a fascination for French architecture and the colonial houses in the White town in Pondicherry.They are delightful and uplift your spirit in a strange way…Love the whites ,tans ,yellows and earthy tones of the houses here. Did i mention that Pondicherry is one of my favorite places on earth?With no further yakking,let me allow the photos to talk to you πŸ˜‰

It’s not an embassy or some Govt building.Just a house that has normal people living in it ..I would love to live inside a house like that …Love it !.

The most colorful building on the street. Ah,so charming!

Another lovely one…

Isn’t this doorknob just gorgeous?

My favourite of them all….A round door!. Wonder what it would be like to live in a round house? Must be better than living in a house with a round door,I think ;-).

An old colonial house …

We’re having the elections in TN today and am off to cast my vote. Have a super week,people.

14 thoughts on “Doors..

  1. Good ones.. Perhaps, you should come down to dublin.. here the georgian doors are famous.. Guess what, I am thinking of doing a post about it too..

    Too inspired!:D



  2. These are gorgeous shots. I love doors, too, from an artistic standpoint and also in a metaphoric sense: they represent an entrance of some sort, as well as protection.


  3. Smita.. yeah,they are

    Jyoti.. oh wow! I should,..Do your post soon …:-)

    Suko.. Thanx.I guess doors fascinate me mainly because i wonder what's behind them.. They are so mysterious and revealing in a strange way ..


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