Bling your photos..

Got some stickers,paper,loads of photos ,punches, an old desktop calendar and embellishments at hand? You can create a calendar that’ll make a perfect personalized gift for your loved ones.. I saw this idea on one of the paper craft blogs I follow and wanted to make one myself.

Edit :The inspiration was from this post

My new-found obsession for all things crafty(especially paper crafts) spurred me on as I sat during wee hours of the morning snipping paper and pasting miniscule embellies on the calendar.

The first layout is for Jan and the least blingiest of all the months. I don’t think I am a huge fan of bling ,but my mother thought that bling would make the calender more festive…

And some more..

Yeah,the girl in the black and white photo is me :-).Many moons ago..

I can’t cut anything in a straight line-so most of my layouts turned out like leaning tower (s)of Pisa. I also went berserk with embellies,which makes some layouts look cluttered and will make sure that I go in for more streamlined layouts next time. I used the base calender from a DIY kit from Papermania that came with the dates.You can create a date layout on word and take print-outs. Also , for the first 3-4 layouts,I stuck the calender dates sheet on the calendar itself.For the subsequent months,I pinned up the date sheet, so that you don’t have to put away your calendar next year. Just change and date sheet and your 2012 calendar will be ready.

Do try this out!.Apart from the fun you’ll have doing the project(I did mine with my mom ),it’s also a great way to flex those creative muscles that have gone limp because of non-use 🙂 and a wonderful opportunity to bring out those sepia-tinted photos that you have long forgotten about..Happy crafting !

23 thoughts on “Bling your photos..

  1. Impressive!

    So cute u were, and posssibly still are. 🙂 Is that u in the wedding photo?

    I have a calendar that was made for our family reunion which is kinda similar, very cool though. it really does put memories to fantastic use.


  2. ssquo.. ha ha ha.. yeah i was a lil roly poly back then 🙂 ..yup,that's my wedding photo..Nice.. It's fun making such stuff,no? Thanks for your sweet words.

    Jyothi..thanks.Yeah,it would be a perfect gift !

    em.. Happy crafting!

    A..Thanks.The voting is on till feb and i dont think i stand a chance. 😦

    Geeta..Thanks 🙂 try it out! Its looadss of fun !


  3. How fun is that!? Great idea. I wouldn't have the patience, I don't think. But maybe I can get the kids to do something like that for holiday gifts next year. They love the glue.




  4. 🙂 i totally loved it….

    but you know wht i loved most abt your post? the fact that you cant cut anything in a st. line…

    makes me think– only the bend in a line can make-up new angles! 🙂

    keep writing!


  5. THats a cool idea .. I remmeber when i had come for the first year to uk, I got some calendars made sent my pics to a company and they made a calendar aout of it .. and i sent thouse as gifts to friends 🙂

    did not do it again cause its EXPENVISE 🙂


  6. Casey .. Everyone loves the glue :-.It's the perfect holiday activity for kids !

    Vibha.. nice.Have you posted some paper art ideas in your blog?.

    Mathangi.. wow! You thought something philosophical about such a statement.. 🙂

    Bikram..I'm sure it'll work out much cheaper when we do it.. and the UK is anyway expensive,no?

    Deeps.. oh,Namnam will love it!. perfect afternoon activity !


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