More Santa Chronicles and wrap up

Hope everyone’s having a great time celebrating with friends and family.This year’s sped so fast that sometimes i find it all a little surreal.2010 hasn’t been great for me in terms of achieving some goals i set for myself and even though i told myself that i wouldn’t have any expectations,I have been impatient and demanding . I am thankful in a way that a New Year’s going to pop in a few more days. Thanks to a surprises by some nice people,this year has been bearable.

Sometimes,I think fate conspires to let you have a book that you had secretly been coveting for a long time,but never managed to buy. Veens had put down the third book in the Girl with the dragon tattoo series on her wishlist. I ordered the book from Flipkart to gift it to her and after 15 days of mail-diahorrea, the book had still not made it to my house. Now ,Flipkart is normally very efficient,but this one time,I couldn’t get the book on time.So,i bought her something else and tell Veens about the debacle. Guess what happens next?.A parcel arrives bearing PArt 1 and Part 2 of the series.So,now i have the trilogy!!.Isn’t that incedibly sweet of her? Thanks ,Veens!!

Other goodies that came in last week : A parcel from my Secret Santa from the Book Bloggers Swap arrived bearing an ARC of Fireworks over Tococca.Thanks, Gautami. I also received a book Truly,Madly ,Deeply from Faraaz Kazi to review-Review coming soon..

I have been following some craft blogs for a long time now and making handmade cards with some basic raw materials that i have lying around my place . I’ve been moaning generally about needing some craft stuff and happened to mention it to the hubby.Obviously,I forgot about it and thought he would do the same too. A few days later, hubby comes home dressed as a Santa with the goodies I wanted ..A live Santa Claus in my house ,ho ho-ing with gusto.:-) In all the years I have known him, this has to be the sweetest surprise he’s given me. Thanks,G.

2010 has been a great year for my reading habit- I’ve managed to finish 71 books this year( God alone knows how i managed !). I hope I keep the habit alive and kicking in 2011 too. YA and classics will be conquered next year.This is the last post for the year-Wishing you all a fabulous New year filled with surprises,joy and fun. Catch you next year,folks.

13 thoughts on “More Santa Chronicles and wrap up

  1. 71 books in an year is a craaaazy average! And you are saying its been an okay year w.r.t goals!!!! Very sweet of your Santa to bring you the goodies you desired! Yaay to super 2010 and Wishes for a Happy 2011!


  2. Wowow more books and you have read so many already How do u do it …

    and a Live ghar ka SANTA wowo lucky you πŸ™‚

    Great you had a good time and wishing you and family a very happy new year a very prosperous 2011



  3. life.. yeah,i know this year i've read like crazy .. I wasnt talking of reading goals..more my personal work-related have a lovely 2011 too.

    Bikram..:-) yeah,i dont know how i managed so many. You have a fab 2011 too.

    Madhu..I'm waiting to read that one too..havent seen any bad reviews anywhere.


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