Santa Comes into town..Yay!!

I’ve been a good girl this year it seems and Santa’s made an advance visit down my chimney. And I am sooper happy with Santa’s gifts this year. I have always had a fascination for Santa Claus and wanted to have a Christmas tree at home when I was growing up. At school, we used to play this game called Christ ma –Christ child and wrote anonymous letters to each other all through December, sneaking in letters when our assigned Christ child wasn’t looking on. Finally,the month -long letter writing culminated in exchange of gifts. My first gift was a yummy smelling Mr Clean Watermelon rubber that I refused to use for many,many years.Something about giving and receiving gifts brings out the child in me. Maybe,we should have Christmas all year around 🙂

This year I signed up for Book Blogger’s holiday swap and Santa’s spirit lives on. A few days back, a parcel arrived for me from Gurgaon and I’ve been jumping around and grinning like a deranged monkey. Or should I say a Cheshire cat? Without further ado, let me show you the goodies that Santa Misha sent me.

Lovely,eh?.I have wanted to read The book Thief forever. And I love the lovely jewelery and the cheery,cute card she sent me.

I caught you straining to get a better look at the jewelry.Here’s a close-up 🙂

Pretty stuff,no?.Misha,You are a sweetheart!.

Misha blogs here and her blog is an absolute delight for bookworms. here are tons of author interviews,blog book tours,challenges and reviews. A true-blue book-addict, this girl. No wonder her blog is appropriately named “My Love affair with Books”.

Do hop over to her space and check out her posts.

A few more Santas sent me some more goodies last week.Reviews of the two books coming up soon.Did i hear a few groans? 😉

Have fun guys and spread the cheer around.Happy holidays!.

18 thoughts on “Santa Comes into town..Yay!!

  1. I think we should celebrate 12 days of Christmas every year. I did that for my love the first year we were together. On the 14th I got her twelve something (a 12-pac of Dr. Pepper I think), and the 15th I got her 11 of something and so on. It was great fun. They were all little gifts, but she loved it.

    We should all do that every year.




  2. Casey.. that's such an incredibly sweet idea.I'm sure she loved it !

    Santa Misha 🙂 Glad you are happy

    Dhanya..Thanks.Happy hols to you too !

    Wordz.. lol! have fun playing Santa. 🙂


  3. The Book Thief is brilliant, sure you will enjoy it. I posted a video on LIndyLouMac's Book Reviews when I reviewed it, which you might find interesting, if you have not already seen, no spoilers there.


  4. Awww such a cute game that sounds (christ-ma and christ-pa). I love the spirit of Christmas too, though we have officially never celebrated it.

    Misha sounds too good to be true. Those are lovely gifts. Enjoy!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the link to her blog. Will check it out soon.

    The Book Thief sounds wonderful. HOpe you have fun reading it.

    BTW what is the book blogger holiday swap. Please to enlighten me.


  5. Hi Bedazzled!

    After looking at the package every day for the past fortnight, I finally opened it! Thank you so much for those perfect presents. You have me spoiled 🙂
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season.
    Em x


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