Full-blown movie crib

IMHO,there aren’t too many movies surpass the brilliance of the books they have been adapted from.I am not talking about the Harry potter series or The Godfather series or even LOR. I am talking non-fantasy , non- gangster based and non-art-house,Oscar-type fare like-Eat pray Love and Julie and Julia.

I loved reading Eat, Pray, Love(the book). Ok shameless plug now.You can find my review of Eat , Pray ,love(the book)- here and got to watch the movie adaptation finally .I am having a a tough time getting over the “Duh” feeling it left me with after the movie ended.And that’s surprising because i dont think i am a demanding movie-goer who only sees taut, incredibly dense, arty movies. I am a girl who occasionally doesn’t mind being seen in pink and will tuck in vast reels of chick-lit movies with good-matured gusto.I even liked Legally Blonde(both parts) and have watched them atleast 5 times.

Somehow the thought of Julia Roberts gallivanting around the globe in search of purpose of life and happiness smacked me in my head.And thats not a good type of a smack i am talking about. I felt this despite the fact that the movie is pretty much faithful to the book and Elizabeth Gilbert looks uncannily like Julia Roberts. Maybe the length was its undoing.The plot just dragged on and on and on … 133 minutes of the movie was positively squirm-inducing ,despite the lovely places they got to show us. Even if i treated the book like some travelogue,i want my money back !.

And , is there anyone else who thinks that Julia Roberts has started looking more horsey than is humanly possible?I know thats a really mean thing to say about an incredibly talented actress,but i really cant figure out what put me off the movie and i am grabbing whatever cheap tools i have in my box right now. The magic,spontaneity and the warmth that the book possessed somehow dissipated in the movie.

The only redeeming aspects were Ketut, an incredibly sweet , Balinese old man who spouts adorable stuff like “I can’t fly in airplane.I no teeths” and the obscenely rakish Javier Bardem (who floored us all with his sex-appeal in Vicky,christina and Barcelona.).He doesn’t disappoint here either -he broods, looks intense and does all those things that he is expected to. Despite all this ,the movie was a huge letdown.

Lets talk Julie and Julia now.I didnt think the book was incredible-just passably okay.But at least it was Julie Powel’s life that was at the centre stage. Now what do the movie barons do ? They cast an incredibly talented Meryl Streep and wonder whether they should put in more parts with Streep in it to make it win 1 Oscar atleast.They start tweaking the script so much that the final product seems more like the story of Julia Child and not about what it is predominantly supposed to be.The narrative now is mostly about Julia’s life-how she enrolled at the cooking institute,how she starts writing a book and struggles to get published while the story of Julie’s struggle and the challenge she takes up to escape her mundane life is relegated to the obligatory 3 minute clip once every 20 minutes. Who the hell was the protagonist in that movie ,again?.

Thankfully, I saw another book-adaptation sometime back that makes me feel that there is still hope for viewers like me. It was a BBC and HBO adaptation of The No1 ladies Investigative agency. It adorable.The warmth and wit that somehow gets tempered in the meandering pages of the book hits you bang on with adaption.One couldn’t have asked for a better choice of casting. But the actors ,though famous weren’t bigger than the script,which sadly i think was the case with both Julie and Julia and Eat,Pray Love.

Just one crib thought -I just wonder why The No1 ladies detective agency was televised rather than be made into a movie .There are enough fans of Alexander Mc Call Hill who would go watch it just to see what their favorite private investigator, Mma Ramostwe was really like.

What do you think ?Liked the movies?Seen the HBO-BBC series?Come on people, show Bedazzled some “louve” here.. I have been averaging just 5-6 comments here for the last few posts and even have had to resort to blackmailing the hubby for some comments.Ok,as usual i was exaggerating,but” please no mind” .

12 thoughts on “Full-blown movie crib

  1. Bedazzled, I am so with you on this! I never like a movie based on books – except the ones you mentioned πŸ™‚ I especially loved LOTR as a movie πŸ™‚

    As for Julie and Julia, I saw the movie, and did not read the book – a first for me. So the movie was alright for me, but reading your take, it makes sense why it does not feel right. Have not read or watched Eat Pray Love, so have to reserve my judgment on that, but am more likely to read than watch after reading this.


  2. The movies I have seen based on books are not as good as original book. I agree with you.

    I have not seen the movie Eat . P. L..but I have heard it is slow. I have read the book and it is okay.

    The movie on My Sister's Keeper did not do any justice to the book. The book was so much better. Also movie has diffrent climax.


  3. I love Legally Blonde too, just last night I saw part II, which is not half as good as part I, but yet, is ok.

    I saw No 1 Detective Agency a few days back and loved it too, for the same reasons that you cited. I love that author's Sunday Philosophy Club series as well.

    Eat Pray Love got a wide berth from me, for no reason. Well, bad reviews maybe.


  4. words.. You should read both the books..actually it works differently for different people.. i loved MArley and me movie a little more than the book.. so it really depends on the cast and a lot of things,i guess.

    A.. i havent read/seen My sister's keepers.. mushy?. but i guess a lot of good reviews are floating around fr that book

    Avdi.. u saw it too !!i watched a few minutes yesterday and found it a lil' over the top too (surprised i havent felt that before). Not read sunday philosophy yet.Has it been telivised too ?
    .. i think pace was the problem with EPL. The brilliant moments were there,the humour was too ..pace dragged it down.

    Veens.. i like her too .. but in the movie she looks gaunt .. oh,dont let me put u off this one..do watch it and tell me what u think.


  5. Have not yet seen EPL…but will see it soon and let you know. But Marley and Me….loved the book, but not the movie. I had this sort of mental image of the Grogans, which jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson just didn't fit! Yes, I agree, Juiia R is begging to look gaunt!


  6. I am probably the only blogger on this planet who has not read or seen the eat pray love.

    Legally blond – I would have seen it at least 10 times, over a period of time though.


  7. Kamini.. sure!! i loved the book too.. but i saw the movie immediately after i read the book,so didnt actually let the image i had formed marinate for a long time

    Geeta .. lol ! i am a big legally blonde fan too


  8. Hi, thanks for sending me over here, it made interesting reading and I look forward to seeing the film of Eat Pray Love. As for Julie and Julia I really enjoyed that but have never read the book. The final film you mention I doubt I will see as I tried to read a couple of titles from the No 1 Detective Agency series and just could not get into them.


  9. Hey Lindy..Thanks for heading here..No 1 detective is a little slow ,but the HBO adaption is lovely-full of characters with lovely quirks.Very mild investigation,but the casting takes the cake.


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