Eye Candy from Tribal route

A few years back,i managed to land up on the facebook profile of Tribal route and have been a huge fan of their merchandise.I managed to visit their store when i was in Mumbai last year and LOOOOVED it!.Green froggy incense holders,funky bags,jewelery,kitschy posters and thousands of other goodies vied for attention in their quaint cottage-store in Versova.Feast on some pretty stuff from their shop.

I totally love the Maa clock and the tiffin boxes.. Did i miss the lanterns and the cot ?What’s your favorite ?

All images courtesy Tribal route.For more stuff head over to http://www.facebook.com/TribalRoute.

12 thoughts on “Eye Candy from Tribal route

  1. Lovely stuff! I wish I could have it all! I love things like this, but it has been ages since I bought any of this, can't even thnk of hauling all this back here 😦 So miss India when I see all this!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your book reviews, will be checking it to see what I should read next! OK i love those colorful charpoys, I want one NOW!!!


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