A hair for hair..

My 4 year old second cousin looks at me confused

” Girls have mustache,B?” She asks me after looking at me intently for another minute.

Of course,not.” I tell her,alarmed.

“Why don’t you shave like my dad?.” She persists.

I color a tomato red,unable to think of anything to say.

I decide to not scare anymore 4 year olds with my yeti-act and grace the thresholds of a salon…It was a particularly easy day at the salon and two women decide to take it as a challenge to find the face beneath all that facial hair…

“Ouch …. ” I scream as one lady tweezes out my yeti-hair.

“Girls have so many pains to bear.” the other lady,a nosy one tells me sagely.

“I know.But this hurt.” I shoot back.

” You be more patient.Girls be more patient.” the nosy one says.

I have half a mind to walk away ..but i persist because hair has to be conquered.

The two women keep jabbering in some north-eastern language i dont know and leave me in peace to suffer.

“You have dandruff also? Take Hair spa ,no?”the other lady tells me.

” Umm… A little.” I offer,embarassedly as i am keenly aware of a mummy-type next to my chair hanging on to my every word.

Of course,nobody wants to admit that one has dandruff.

“Hair quality no good. Very weak.You sign up for spa.30% discount.” the nosy one contributes her bit.

Now,at this point I don’t know what is irritating me more-these two women doing a balance sheet of my problems or the fact that my eyebrows were getting plucked at a very rapid rate or that the mummy-type is studiously studying me.

I want to walk out,but i cant because then i would look even more weird with one eyebrow still yeti-like.

“You can take some facial or massage,no?.Lot of tension in muscle.” nosy lady tells me.

“No.I am fine.”I insist.

” 30% discount for you.” She insists back.

“SHUT UP”I finally scream.

Mummy-type stares at me with her mouth open.The two women working on me look at me like i am PAris Hilton on the rampage.I am sure i’ll be the topic of discussion at lunch.

“What?.. I said shut up.” I elucidate.

The two women start talking in some north eastern language again.I am sure they were bitching. But presently,I have been un-yetied and I walk out to pay my bill.

I decide that i am never going to come back here.Aren’t Salon people supposed to make you feel better?.Anyway,thankfully,she didn’t make the eyebrows uneven or anything to get back at me…But i pray to god.In my next birth, let me come work at this salon and let them be my customers.Then, i’ll pluck their hair and make them scream and cringe and sell them services they don’t need.. Till then,i must carry my burning revenge inside me.

PS: Pizza courtesy Pizza Hut.

24 thoughts on “A hair for hair..

  1. Ummm.. errrr.. Wot is the connection between painful parlor story and pizza slice photo???? aiyo!!!

    yep, true, we go thru so much and for wot i fail to understand!!sigh…


  2. Hehe poor you! Same story everywhere. I brace myself to say NO during every visit. But I guess I should learn to say SHUT UP too!!!!!

    And may your revenge be granted 😉

    Btw kids can be too honest for our comfort no?


  3. Ouch! But yes, some of these salon people need a course in how to sell their products 🙂

    And kids! bless them, but sometimes I so wish my daughter knew how to be diplomatic – I so do not want to know that my tummy is very fat 😦


  4. lol!!! Psst I have never had my eyebrows done because their natural shape is perfect 😀 Ya! Ya! am damn lucky!!!

    And I also hate these type of parlorwaali's, always trying to sell something! humph!


  5. You have a mustache ??????????? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….I hate seeing hair in women !!! 😀 😀 😀

    They do this kind of thing in men salons too- making us feel miserable abou our appearance ! 😦

    Btw, you had a different pic in the morning. But this new pic, I really dont understand !!!


  6. parlors are the worst places, they play on our insecurities to make money.

    And good for you for not succumbing the hair spa. It does nothing for the dandruff – my personal experience unfortunately 😦


  7. Hee hee, what an apt title 🙂 I want to be a dentist in my next birth and drill holes into all the good teeth of the dentists whom I know!!! LOL!!!


  8. Reo.. Thnx.. your link doesnt seem to be working

    All who are confused abt the pic and are wondering about it's relevance here.. I posted this post and remembered that i had to do a foodie Friday post.. hence the pizza pic..initially my post had a pic of a hassled Asian Guy..


  9. RT.. I wonder abt that too …

    WIAN.. i know.. kids can sometimes totally yank the carpet out when we dont need them to really ..but then thats what makes them so adorable !!

    Smitha…I dont think the women are trained in selling..lol!! I hope your daughter doesnt mention the F word.. oh,i meant fat !! 🙂


  10. smita.. u lucky thing!!.. actually i never used to get my eyebrows done cos my brows are very thin.. then a frnd told me that if i did,i would get thick brows.. i did .. and look where that got me …

    Vimmuu.. ha ha ha !!…Moustache naa moustache illa…:-) ..Photo change becos i forgot that i had to post a food pic !!

    Nishita.. @@ i just think all these treatments are humbug too !!

    Pal.. lol!!! if this next birth thing worked,then i have atleast 20 different things to be born as to torture a lot of people who tortured me .. and welcome here !!

    BB.. ha ha ha!! i wouldnt mind that..2 huge balls of hair litter my house everyday .. hairfall is such a bitch !!


  11. Lol that was funny! I never leave a parlors without my self esteem going several notches lower. It is always the same, hair is weak, hair is thin, hair will fall, skin is dry blah blah blah…I HATE parlors but there is no other choice :-/


  12. Vicious.. welcome here ..Oh,Pizza i cos i suddenly remembered i had to post a food pic for my Foodie Fridays post.

    Ajai..that way men r lucky .. i agree !!

    Vaishanvi.. there are a few that dont make you feel so bad, but then finding them is almost like finding water in a desert ..

    Dhanya.. neither have I,until that one time 😉


  13. I ve myself often wondered, if the people working at Salons are there to make you feel worse than u r feeling, or are there just to feed there uninteresting life some 'spice' by bickering about our physical misgivings :x|

    Dnt linger in self pity, you should have said something more to them.


  14. veens ..maybe thats their only form of entertainment.. anyway.. all thsi was written in jest and wasnt emant to be whiney.. if it came across like that .. well,i didnt do justice to this post 🙂 !!


  15. Good Grief girl, you write my story. My annual pilgrimage to the salon in Bangalore has a similar turn.
    “Madam, your hair very very dry.”
    Only Rs3,000 treatment, Madam,
    WHAT THE HECK almost 70 DOLLARS, lady do you know that we buy things only when they are 70% OFF clearance price!!!!!

    Anyway, soon I land up with my legs exposed to much tsking and laughing in some weird Tamil accent implying that I am slob for having rough feet and horrid hairy legs, and that there is NO way she can be from Amreeka. Must be from that village, Mysore. Such is my saga, girl.


  16. sampige..isn't that a name of some flower ? he he .. poor thing how was she to know that your amerikans only bought at discount prices 😉 .. actually the salon business is one huge scam in india..aiyoo at the hairy legs ! When i make an appearance with hairy legs ,a few buffaloes go blind in chennai. Mysooru villagea? .. after infosys coming only hep chicks in mysooru. vonly bangalooru village now.


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