The Chicklit bug..

Howdy people ??.. yeah !! i am backkkkk!! didnt expect to be back so soon.. What with 2 computer crashes and a full plate (not with food!!).. but i am !!I started missing writing here so badly that i had to end my self imposed exile..have been peeping into a few blogs the last few days.. but not been commenting or anything .. So much has happened in my absence !!! an award here,a baby yonder.Glad to see a lot of people on blog-breaks back as well!!..Thankfully my reading habit’s decided to come back to me .. like that twin that got lost in the kumbh mela.. And,i am on this chicklit binge…I am convinced that chicklits are what i enjoy reading the most.. why mope about depressing things when we can have a riot? .. what say ? Oh,i am reading sidin Vaukut book..and am loving it !!..wonder why the genre isnt called guy-lit.
You must check out his blog.. This guy is funny !! anyway.. See u guys around !!!!

18 thoughts on “The Chicklit bug..

  1. Good to see u back and u r right about chick lits πŸ˜€ I just finished one though didn't like it much!!!

    AM planning to go back to Shopaholic series!!!


  2. Welcome back! I have been going through chicklits like nobody's business πŸ™‚

    Have't picked up Sidin Vadukut's book yet. Do let us know how you find the book.


  3. Hey Welcome Back!!

    I tried that book but a few pages in I couldn't go ahead.Hope u like it better:)

    Chick Lit seems to be the flavour of the season but I am bitten by Sci fi bug LOL


  4. Hye..good to have you back πŸ™‚

    Yep..chick-lit is perfect for a light, summer read πŸ˜€ I loved Sophie Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess that I read last week!


  5. Thanks everyone for the welcome and all.. and Sidin's website is not whatta.Some of you might know him as Domain maximus

    Smita..which one? piggies? i have 3 more books to read b4 piggies.. seriously,u didnt like dork??

    Vimmuu..what else would i write about?;-)

    Smitha..Pick it up soon!!! its is so awesome that you cant put it down.. atleast i couldnt ..

    Shweta.. umm..the first few pages are really boring..after 10 odd pages,it gets really funny !!

    Kals… i loved that book!!!am on Almost single now… i think i am bored.. need to read something else for a while..


  6. welcome back! me too love light readng..helps as a stepping stone to serious readng at times πŸ˜‰ nd btw tht link doesnt open up to any site –


  7. deeepppss…i guess i am going to go a lil easy on the reviews ..:O

    Nishita.. thanx .. glad u call them fun updates ,cos i havent been doing any “fun ” writing in a long time !


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