See you on the other side…

People who wanted to know why the last post was deleted, here’s the reason- there were some formatting issues and being a sucker for aesthetic stuff,i couldn’t stand looking at it a second longer than i had to.. so,poof it went.

I have taken long breaks from the blog before ,but almost 3 months back i decided not to take any long breaks from here and keep writing.I have been faithful to my dear friend,bedazzled , blogged regularly and blog-hopped with equal panache.Also,in the last few months,i have consciously made this a book blog.. lately,i realize i have been deviating from that and posting random stuff..

I have also become colossally lazy and let chores and work accumulate.I am going to welcome the new responsible (ha!) me and finish up all the things i need to.. I am excited about the times ahead,but secretly scared about the discipline it demands. There is also this milestone which is breathing down me in approximately 3 months.. yeah,i am turning 30!!..Scary!.I know nothing ever changes from one bday to another,just that when you are in your 20’s,you know you have time for all the monkey-jumping you want.And when the dreaded 30 looms up ahead you,you suddenly realize that you will have to get your act together ASAP and not careen off the way you did before..Some may ask whats in a age!! well, technically,nothing.Its just me !;-)

Anyway,Let me see you people in a couple of months…I’ll miss your blogs and all your comments..If you need to drop in a line,my gmail address is always there..Have fun,guys.

7 thoughts on “See you on the other side…

  1. and there goes another blogger !!!!

    all it takes is a one hour to publish a post and you all make it sound so difficult 😀 😀 😀 😀

    All the best for whatever you are busy with. and please do come back !


  2. Vimmuu.. not really da.1 hr to think what to publish.. couple of hrs reading other blogs and then commenting .. plus i realised i wasnt saying anything new or interesting.. so i decided to spare myself and the few readers of the blog the trouble ..when i get back this will only be a book blog:-)..

    Smita.. u guys r rockstars!! what more have u phophesised?

    Swetha.. We'll stay in touch,girl.


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