Eureka !!!

A post that is not a book review,for a change ..

I love most words.Period.Long ones.Short ones.Esoteric ones.Difficult ones.Funny ones.Serious ones.The works.But,not all words ellicit the same amount of passion in me. I hate some- but not with enough gusto.I love some -again with not the same amount of passion.

For some insane reason i like the word Cuckoo..i think it’s a fun word!!..Some more words i consider fun.. Jamboree ! and Juggernaut..Maybe i have a “J” fixation !!..Also, i love words that invoke a sense of “sound”.. like “Thud” and “Bang” and “Lub-dub” and “Rumble” and “Tumble” and “Splash”.. Ok,Lub-dub might technically not be called a word.. I love foreign sounding words .. Like “Rendezvous” and “Razzmatazz”..They conjure up images of strange lands and people.

I discovered today that i don’t like the word “licorice”..The hatred isn’t too strong or anything..Just a mild hatred.No offense to the word,though.I also have a mild hatred towards the word “Avuncular”..don’t know why !! ..There are some words that are so uninspiring.. Maybe more than the word “uninspiring”..Like “Baking” and “word” and “Best” and “Good”.I think “Bravo” is a more inspiring word than “Good”.

I read somewhere that “MOIST” is one of the most hated words..There is even a FB group proclaiming this.. Well,Moist doesn’t evoke hatred in me.. it just evokes an uncomfortable feeling .. Like,the way you feel,when on a routine visit to your dentist,you realize that your wisdom tooth has to be pulled out !!.. Uncomfortable,but not fearful..”Screech” grates on my nerves like a chalk piece/fingetnails dragged against a blackboard..

So,i am reading JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and i bump into this word .. JITTERBUG.. and for some reason ,my tongue insists on rolling this word around and around and i catch myself grinning.I felt like a kid in a toystore or chocolate shop..Whatever works for the kid !…Jitterbugging,i learnt later is a dance form that was popular in 1940’s.A dance form that involved lot of action and moving around..the kind of word i would like,anyways..

What’s your favourite word? Do you feel strongly about any words? or is it just me???

On a differnt note,Hope Salinger and Erich Segal’s souls rest in peace.2 great authors.My only qualm,why didnt Salinger publish more ??.. more about that in my next post !

12 thoughts on “Eureka !!!

  1. First of all I'm shouting a 'eureka' too my end upon getting to read something other than a book review from you 😀 😀

    I like the word jitterbug. Now I'm rolling my tongue to say it and do a little jig at the sound of it 🙂
    As for my favourite words..hmmm…I like those usual words like amazing fantastic,etc etc that I keep using while I talk. Then I like 'magnanimous' a lot. Its not a word that u can use in your conversation a lot so I try and use wherever I can while writing.


  2. There are so many words I love 🙂 Some words have a certain flavour, a special something, don't they? I can't even list the words I like, can't choose :)And the list changes- for me. I mean some words, I really like today, but might want to avoid totally another day, I'm weird that way 🙂

    Loved this post 🙂


  3. I'm going to check the “no” box for jitterbug. I get all your positive vibes about. But somewhere in my childhood I attached that name to an actual bug. So what I picture is being harassed by little black flying bugs on a hot, muggy, southern afternoon.

    Just shows that the like/dislike of words is absolutely subjective and can be attached to nothing logical or even explicable.

    I remember vividly the first time I heard some words. Here's one quickly. (I know I'm writing too much here.) I was 16 and working at a local radio station after school. I was talking to my boss about getting to go on the air. At some point in the conversation he smiled and said, “Dude, there is a plethora of opportunity for you here.” He was kind of a hippy and I thought he made it up. To this day, when I use that word, I think of Marc and see his crooked smile.

    I love this type of post, by the way.




  4. Deeps.. i know.. i realised that it was getting tedious for all of u …i promised myself to go easy on reviews for a while or atleast intersperse it with other stuff 🙂 ..umm magnanimous is a nice word too ..

    divya.. I love gaunt from that list .. so true,some words r so descriptive and convey so much meaning..but yeah like spencer says its subjective..

    Smitha..of course the list changes.. infact everyday i discover some new word which i fall in love with.. so,dont worry abt the weirdness 😉 .. and thanx for liking the post.. i wanted to know if i could write something other than a book review(my last 8-9 posts that were reviews!) and this post was just an experiment on myself 🙂

    SLC.. This sounds better!! Actual bug !! ha ha!! now that you mention,it does have a high “bug” connotation.. and u r so right abt the subjectivity.. sometimes i vehemently dislike a word i have love all along .. just like its very possible to not like a person after liking that person for a long time.. words are so much like people in many ways.Each with a different personality,rubbing us the right and wrong about the made up word !! ..thanx for liking the post..


  5. Good one… As i was reading your post, realised i too do this subconsciously… like certain words, use em more often whereas avoid certain others,just dont like the way they roll 😉

    Few words i lurrrveee n use often are-

    Kewl [yep, thats my spelling]
    At the end of the day[okok, i know its not a word, a phrase, but what the heck, its made up of cute little words:D]


  6. arti..woohoo is a fun word ..did u notice that some words u mention describe things u like .. so maybe thats why u like those words .. like shutterbug and travelbug.


  7. catcher in the rye is one super read. I love the sound of many words (say bumblebee, bubbly, benediction) and the sound of many names (krishna most fave) as well. Trite it may sound, but my favourite letter is “zha” in Tamil.


  8. BB..yeah i am loving it too!!.. bumblebee.. hee hee !! sounds so much fun !! which letter is zha? i have heard of Jha and cha ..gimme a word with Zha!!..cant seem to place it .. ok listen to this ,there is a cafe in chennai where an entire wall is painted with tamil letters..and there are pallankuzhi kattams drawn on the tables .. delightful,no!


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