The Edge..

I am not a poetry person and cant appreciate deep poetry(make that most poetry)..Also, i am never very comfortable or at ease while writing a poem.. Recently someone was reviewing the stuff i had written and told me that irrespective of whether the piece was prose or poetry,there was a common theme.. and that was hope. I was shocked as i had never thought about it. I always had thought of myself as a pretty versatile writer. When i went back to some of the pieces, i did realize that what she said made perfect sense..I realized what it meant to have a myopic vision when it comes to things we create!! ..

So,here is an attempt to sound different from my normal self.. it’s a poem and i hope that “hope” is not the underlying theme..I am trying to get better at writing poems,so do let me know if you know any sites/aids that can help me..

I will smile
Till the shadows of sorrow shroud me
Like an ominous cloak.

I will dance
Till my shoes can take no more
And their tatters litter the floor.

I will sing
Till the nightingale hushes up
And silence echoes in the valleys.

I will paint
Till the colours fall off my palette
Like dried leaves on an autumn day.

I will run
Till my knees buckle
From old age and rheumatism.

I will write
Till the words clot
And refuse to flow.

I will struggle
Till I learn to love and give
Without a blemish in my heart.

I will live
Till the soul bleeds dry
And the lifeβ€˜s breath ebbs out of me.

9 thoughts on “The Edge..

  1. im not a poetry person in the least… unless its like ogden nash or lewis carrol poems πŸ™‚ hence i wont comment on the poem at all πŸ˜› i just cant appreciate poetry.


  2. Pattteee, I always thought that only drunkards could write poetry and you didnt prove me wrong again. You are drunk !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    and yeah, that comment is because I dont understand poetry.:D: πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  3. sorcerer.. umm ,nothing is difficult !! anything thats worked hard at shouldnt be !i am sure poetry can b done weedless !!

    Vimmuu.. yeahh , yeah !!whatever gives u the impression that i am drunk ,all the time !!


  4. avdi.. thats fine.. i have to learn to accpt aruptness as much as know how to accept positive comments. I hope i learn to do that someday !

    Deeps…thanx.. will be bombarding u guys with more poems henceforth !!


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