Half time, now ..

Been in weird doldrums for a while
Dont really know why
Going to be off for a bit – someplace far far away
In no-man’s land
Just my feelings and me
Know not what i am gonna do
Maybe contemplate, maybe galavant around
Need to figure out some stuff
Strange happenings, alien feelings and negative vibes

Living a half life, smiling half a smile
life sure is stranger than fiction
Different shades of people and human emotions
The river is shallow and navigatable but the ocean is deep and dark
Dont know which is more dangerous
Do i plunge into the darkness or stay safe at the river ?

Bedazzle needs to get back her spunk and life
She will return when she has answers to questions
At the other end of the tunnel when she has found what she wants to find
Its half time now
She is back in hibernation ..
and Time out for now

Alvida ..Stay safe and beautiful

20 thoughts on “Half time, now ..

  1. hey B, if a break does u hell lot of good, do it…if break makes u choked for space e1 more return to the blog, we the readers are always here to support u and boost ur confidence in the low days…do whatever but dont leave blogging…wishing u earliest of recvery to happy days!!


  2. I knew it ! I knew you guys would be thrown out of that apartment after that meet of ours ! Im sorry paati !Btw, you need a break, you take it. But dont give us a break from your posts. I hope you get what you are searching ! Im sure you must have misplaced it somewhere. Keep searching, any help pls get in touch with us too. Is it something called peace of mind? Because I lost that too !!


  3. Nicely put thoughts dear. Don’t know what’s put our Miss Bhragavi off… But take care and come back to this space soon:)Sort of addicted to your posts now ;):)


  4. Hey – i’ve come to enjoy this side of you, can we do the half time later? Lets make a deal – you continue to post and i do the dishes – more free coupons to be exchanged for household chores Now that is, as the godfather wld say, “a deal you can’t refuse” – what say πŸ™‚


  5. guys … i am not back .. just had to zip back before i get back to my popcorn and coke line .. we have not yet been evicted from the place, but are getting anonymous threats and phone calls .. so all u people who thot it was becos of the noise levels , dont blame u r self too much.. just thot i shud clarify !! .. just a weird frame of mind me’s in ..plus i have the hugesttt writers block .. want to spare me of my “wannabe humorous posts” for a while.. and thanx for all the kind words .. it felt nice peeping in on the comments on the sly even thou i told myself i wouldnt.. Guha , cheap trick !!! …ok back to my line…


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