The bookworm’s newsletter- Part one

I have been catching up on quite a bit of reading in the last few weeks.. Some unexpectedly enjoyable ones and some that threatened to crack my cranium (and hence promptly abandoned)..

My top 4 for the month ..

No 4: Shopoholic in Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

I lmmensely liked cofessions of a shopaholic and that’s why decided to read the next one in the series as well. It was a riot … breezy and funny.Just like what a chick-lit should be. This book chronicles the adventures of Becky in the shopper’s paradise of NYC.. How she gets embroiled in more shopping and wreaks havoc on her already skyrocketing debt levels is what the story is mostly about … It’s a totally fun read and I suspect a lot of girls might relate to the stuff.. I did!!

No 3 : The white tiger by Aravind Adiga

Unexpectedly, I didn’t like it too much. A lot has been said and written about the book, but to me honestly, it was a let down. The book is fast , racy and un-putdownable, but somehow , didn’t work for me. Adiga tells the story of a social entrepreuner writing a letter to the Chinese premier about how he climbed out of darkness (poverty)to the world of light. Corrupt landlords and politicians, prostitutes with blonde wigs, Adiga’s take (ok the protagonist!!) all the dirt in India.. You’ll find it all in the book…

No2: Tis’ by Frank Mc Court

This is an adorable sequel(part one is Angela’s Ashes) to the memoir of Frank, an Irish Immigrant who makes America his home. Frank is 19 and lands in America , not knowing what to do with himself. The desire to do well is all he has with him. He takes up odd jobs, serves in the army and finally ends up becoming a teacher after getting a degree. Amazingly witty and totally irreverant style kept me in splits. Frank’s adventures as a teacher with a brogue accent is endearing . Truly enjoyable .

No1 : Angela’s Ashes

My “favouritest” book for the month!!. Angela’s ashes is a coming of age story of Frank, an Irish lad , so poor that he is permanently malnourished.His father drinks away all the money , but promptly keeps furthering his progeny putting the family through assorted misfortunes. What I liked about this book is that Frank has Zilch remorse about being poor. Incredibly witty and funny. Frank has a unique style of writing and doesn’t use quotes for any of the dialogues.Incidentally, the book won Pulitzer Prize in 1997. Fun read.

Now, the unfortunate ones that didn’t make it.. 😉 Actually these got abandoned

The Golden Notebook by Dorris Lessing.
Got abandoned as the book just meandered on and on about socalism and about a writer who had 4 differently coloured books for compartmentalising her life… I found the book incredibly depressing and 100 pages into the book got tired of all the intellectual –socialist-babble .
Now , I know Is that I’ll never be a socialist. Ever.
The author won the Noble prize for Literature in 2007. Maybe, I can’t stand “Intellectual” and “intelligent” books. Honestly, the pace was very slow and hence had to chuck it out ;-).

Istanbul – By some guy whose name I don’t remember.
I picked it up as it had a lot of pictures and had never read a memoir of a city before.I decided to abandon it as it was incredibly boring… The author talks about his family ,their weird mannerisms and Istanbul in general. I really don’t know what the book is actually about, as i never got beyond the 30th page .. If someone does read it , do let me know..

And I have picked up these weird book-worm-habits. I have to update my book shelf on Shelfari the minute I finish reading a book. I have also started reading 2 books at a time. I swap between books , if the going gets boring.. Talk about quirks !!

Next on the agenda are A thousand Splendid suns and Veil of roses. Incidentally, I loved Kite runner( i know i digress quite a bit.My ex-bosses have always told me that.)

Someday, I will own all the books there are in the whole-wide-wurld!!! Silver-fishes, dog-eared pages, musty smell of old books, glossy magazines..Aha !!.. How orgasmic can it get ?;-)

Would love to hear your pick for the month .. do drop in a line.

20 thoughts on “The bookworm’s newsletter- Part one

  1. I am reading The Hungry Tide right now. Alas, I read the best of Amitav Ghosh, The Sea of Poppies first, and his other books havent measured up, but this is pretty good. Sometime back I read The Life and Times of Altu Faltu by Ranjit Lal.. tht was awesome, you can read my reviews on thepinkbee.blogspot.comI do feel like picking up the last two books you mentioned. Let me see if I can procure Angela’s Ashes first.


  2. was about to go buy the Adiga’s book this weekend, maybe i shouldn’t now 😀I liked both the books Kite runner and the Thousand Splendid suns, the former the better, watched the kite runner as a movie but it was a letdown!Any more dreams about the something-is-wrong-with-her-eyes-otherwise-she’s-hot girl ????


  3. I simply lvoed the shopaholic series…in fact have noe read each book o the author been wanting to write on them….And u didn’t like White Tiger 😦 anyways lemme see if i can find the top 2 books.And amen to your wishes girl 🙂


  4. Avdi ..Amitav Ghosh has been on my must read list for a while.. dat has to be next..altu faltu sounds like fun .. will hop into u r space and check out the review.. thanks for the reccos. Prads..Wow .. somebody is taking my pseudo-review seriously 😉 ..have to watch kite runner movie .. do u have tirutu dvds by any chance ? .. sadly no more dreams of that gurl and hey i have started liking Shanno Shanno .. kinda grows on you 😉


  5. Vimmuuu.. Bugger off ;-).. thats no way of talkin to granny ..Plots of Mahabaratha and ramayana are more scandalous than most books.. i lost my pal set and i am going crazy.. Smitha ..i was a lil sceptical when i got the shopaholic book.. how much can someone write about shopping?? but then kinsella writes with such flair and ingenuity .. it was so adorable 😉 .. was surprised about white tiger myself.. it wasnt too bad .. just that i didnt find it original and good enuff to deserve a booker


  6. bharyou dont become my competitor..let me alone dream about her 😛I have the movie somewhere down in the collection, will get it for you some time..but let me warn you, the book was u start liking shanno..most Rahman songs r like that..grows on u – *smug look*


  7. ahhh i love reading. i’ve recently picked up:a hat full of sky-Terry Pratchettno one belongs here more than you-short stories by Miranda JulyClockwork Orange – Anthony Burgessthe curious incident of the dog in the night-time – Mark Haddon.Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbertahh if i had the world’s books in my bookshelf i’ll be happier than a fish in water.


  8. Prads..dont worry .. you can have her :-)..Hope your nose hasnt grown ..*smug look*. A.. I havent read any of those books.. do let me know what you think about the books once u r done ..


  9. Aah reading…a good way to timepass at old age..wat say :P.I have stopped reading bcoz i am afraid may get influenced by them when i write some stuff for stage. Still i read all these book reviews on blogs so that I can show off to the girls at aapice that i knwo a lot abt literature thanks a ton parks


  10. nikhil .. will read that one once i am done with 4 books i ve picked up … i am bankrupting myself becos of my reading habit ..;-) Vinod .. Dey dey ..adangunga da .. evana paathalum taking digs at my old age :-(.. good to be of service goes the rehersals?


  11. Rephrase plz from ” taking digs at my old age” to “taking digs at your real age” 😛If someone asks literary doubts will bug u for more services :). Rehearsals going goood..hopefully can sell a considearble amnt of tickets to u,ur kids n grandchildren…


  12. Hey first timer here!!!Am reading The white tiger now.. Got it after reading a lot about that!!! Just going like an ok read!!! The kite runner is an amazing read.. holds you right from the start…


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